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Neubau Einfamilienhais mit Atlier am Hofnerbach, von Mann Architektur GmbH von Mann Architektur GmbH Modern houses
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Today’s home tour will take you through the contemporary yet subtly luxurious length and breadth of a sprawling residence built by the architects at Von Mann Architektur GMBH in Egg, Zurich. Neubau Einfamilienhais mit Atlier am Hofnerbach is a residence that plays around with simple and elegant lines, spacious interiors, trendy furniture, and minimalistic touches for a unique look and feel. Glass has been used in a particularly interesting manner in this home to enhance the feeling of openness, and to make sure that sunlight reaches every single nook and cranny. Other materials like wood, metal and concrete make stellar appearances too, so that you never get tired of admiring novel architectural surprises. Keep an eye out for the charming rooftop terrace too, which redefines the idea of outdoor pleasure in this abode.

A natural oasis

Constructed adjacent to a natural gorge, this massive house with its grey exterior walls makes an impressive design statement. While the front portion features a gable roof, the rear is modern and flat.

Making use of the landscape

 The sunken foundation of the house, along with the lush garden in front helps it to stand out from its neighbours too. But what we really admire are the large glass doors and windows through which the softly glowing interior lights shine through. During the day, this glazing also allows natural light to flood the home generously, and you also get to catch a glimpse of the trendy designs dotting the insides.

A green, airy terrace

The expansive terrace is lined with large grey stone tiles which charmingly reflect the light filtering through the glass doors and windows of the attic-like space. Neat and sleek furnishing in white and wooden hues offer ample contrast here, and let you enjoy fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature. The slants of the roof add to the style quotient of the terrace, while large planters on either side hold verdant greenery for a rejuvenating, organic atmosphere.

Open plan living

Smooth and elegant grey concrete makes the floor a chic companion for the bright white walls and ceiling. And the open plan layout along with the lavish amount of glass all around, makes for an expansive and extremely breathable space inside the residence. Both the dining and living areas allow you to admire the natural view outside while indulging in homely comforts. Sleek and fashionable furniture defines both these zones, and the yellow dining chairs add vibrant dashes of fun! Smart shelves and abstract artworks in the living space concoct a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality too.

More glass

The sleek timber staircase leading to the attic is flanked by a glass balustrade on the left and glass windows and doors on the right, which separate it from the terrace. The black metal frame on the right contrasts the clear glass for a bold statement, while a light-hued landing promises comfy exploration of the quarters here. Pristine white walls only punctuated by an abstract artwork in grey add an elegant touch to this space, which is engulfed in sunlight effortlessly throughout the day.

A vibrant bathroom

A bright sandy yellow hue for the trendy and minimalistic shower enclosure make this simple but stylish bathroom a cheery and vibrant space. Modish sanitary wares complement the other white walls and contrast the cool grey flooring, while streamlined fixtures add to the smartness quotient. A large glass cabinet serves the dual purpose of storing toiletries and helping you to get ready for the day.

Simple but stunning bedroom

Polished and gleaming concrete lines the floor, ceiling as well as the walls of this large and unique bedroom, for an industrial chic impact. Glass balustrades secure the edge of the bedroom floor which gives way to the staircase that takes you downstairs. Massive glass windows on the left help this room receive oodles of sunlight and also regale with a refreshing green view of the garden. The bedroom is decked with a simple wooden bed, a vintage dresser, a mirror with golden frame for understated opulence, and banks on neutral hues to advocate its spaciousness. Don’t miss the extremely earthy touch that comes through the quirky candleholder on the floor with the fat white candle.

By combining different textures, making fashionable use of glass, and mixing simple but sophisticated tones, this picture perfect house has left us wanting for more with its green surroundings. Take another tour for more ideas - This Dreamy Apartment Is Downright Brilliant.

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