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A balcony is a space to rest, admire the surrounding view and enjoy the fresh air. Many ideas have been brought to attention that go a long way in decorating and making a balcony comfortable. No matter the amount of square meters available, there are various options to consider. Here are a few veranda and balcony inspirations that will help in choosing the kind of atmosphere one aims to.

Peaceful balcony

This first picture is that of an clever and inexpensive idea to decorate a balcony. Wooden crates have been painted white, mounted facing different directions and one on top of each other. The fact that the crates don’t all face the same direction gives a layered effect to this space as well as offering storage options for plants and decorative items. The hints of green of the plants seem to nicely burst out of the wall of wooden crates. This brings much vibrancy to the balcony.

Spiced up veranda

Another joyful decorating idea for a balcony or a veranda is to follow a theme as demonstrated in this picture. The designers have opted for a spiced up Mexican style veranda. Every object in this picture resonates with liveliness: it is a merry and exciting space for all to enjoy. The choice of buoyant colours are sure to brighten the mood of any person sitting there.

Apple seat

Here is a delightful kind of seating option for the balcony. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day under the shelter of this apple seat? There is much room for a few people to lounge in this seating option or for one person to lay down on it for a satisfying nap. This apple seat will bring an mirthful tone to the veranda it is on.

Hammock serenity

There is nothing quite like the enjoyment of relaxing peacefully in a hammock. In this picture, the designers have opted for two hammocks with a table in between them for summer days to be rejoiced in the company of others. This looks like a serene little piece of paradise that can be made available to anyone who so whites. Also, the vivacious colour scheme of these hammocks blend fittingly with the surrounding greenery.

Green space

This city veranda is that of a stylish safe haven. Comfortable wreath seating offer a chance to admire the surrounding cityscape. Also, the designer, Fidel Arquitetura of this veranda has included just the right amount of plants that bring multiple shades of greens and yellows that make this veranda welcoming and charming. This inspiration offers an amount of objects and furniture that don’t overcrowd the veranda and by doing so all can admire the city view.

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