The Inspiring Renovation of a Tiny Apartment

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Дизайн студия Александра Скирды ВЕРСАЛЬПРОЕКТ
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Buying big houses or large apartments is increasingly becoming expensive and beyond reach due to soaring real estate prices everywhere in the world. And that is why architects and designers are coming up with ingenious ways to make small abodes look and feel stylish, practical and cosy. In Simferopol, a city situated on the Crimean Peninsula, we came across the renovation of one such tiny and dated apartment which left us impressed. It was previously an extremely drab and shabby place with unnecessary internal walls that cramped the openness of the home. The interior architects at Design Studio of Alexander Mow Versalproekt however used their vision and creativity to make this apartment trendy, smart and highly liveable. Lavish use of wood and sober, neutral hues contribute to the abode’s simplicity, while sleek, space-saving furniture utilise the available square footage cleverly. Despite its compact size, this apartment has everything to make urban living comfortable and chic.

Before: Design nightmare

Ageing and dingy walls, shabby wallpaper, a terribly uninspiring floor, and old-fashioned doors made for a visual impact that couldn’t persuade anyone to live in this apartment. Signs of damp and neglect showed up here and there, and a complete overhaul was in order.

Before: Changes were essential

The walls needed re-plastering and fresh paint, while some internal walls had to be demolished to make way for an open plan layout. The architects wanted to make the flat look more spacious and airy. Which is why, many old elements had to go, so that more modern accents could be ushered in. Rubble and clutter ruled the home during renovation as you can see here.

After: Stylish openness

To ensure a more fluidic and open layout, we love how the different areas like the kitchen, dining, living, study and bedroom have been integrated now. Wooden flooring demarcates the living, study and sleeping area from the kitchen and dining which feature dark grey tiles. The walls and ceiling have been painted in pristine white for a bright, airy feel though. The furniture has been arranged in a manner so that they don’t get in your way while you are moving from one place to another. Owing to the size of the apartment, the colour palette has been kept simple, but it does comprise of different shades which offer visual depth.

After: Simple and cozy living

Adorned simply with a grey sofa, a soft white rug and a sleek entertainment unit, the living area looks compact and elegant. Sheer white drapes at the window allow ample sunlight to infiltrate the space during daytime, while dark grey drapes ensure privacy after sunset.

After: Minimalistic dining

A compact wooden table and a couple of white and chrome chairs cater to your dining needs in this apartment. Positioned between the living space and kitchen, this arrangement allows diners to enjoy their favourite show on the TV while they are enjoying a tasty, homely meal. The quirky grey pendant lamp hanging over the table adds a hint of pizzazz, while the mirrored doors of the in-built closet on the far right lend sassy illusion of space to the interiors.

After: Warm and welcoming kitchen

If you were expecting a small and cramped kitchen in this tiny apartment, you couldn’t be more wrong! Lined generously with warm wooden tones and sleek, practical cabinets, the open kitchen is quite spacious and offer easy movement. The dark grey floor beautifully contrasts the light wooden hues and the white ceiling here, while the shiny black countertop makes for a bold statement. Note how the modish appliances including a washing machine have been accommodated by the smart niches, while minimalistic fixtures add to the stylish quotient of the kitchen. A clear glass panel runs along the backsplash, so that cleaning the grime and grease after cooking is easy.

After: Sensible bedroom and study

Lined with wood, the cosy and inviting sleeping nook won our hearts with its storage-friendly steps. The raised bed can be reached by climbing steps that are fitted with drawers which can hold quilts, sheets and more. Fancy sconce lights cast a soft glow over the plush, white bed and make for a romantic and soothing setting. Artworks add some pizzazz too.

The compact study nook comprises of a sleek desk and a revolving black chair, while a wall-mounted shelving unit holds books and stationery. The shelf is lighted aesthetically and it also saves precious floor area without compromising utility.

After: A soothing bathroom

The combination of chequered white tiles and a sophisticated shade of blue for the walls make this small bathroom a soothing and smart space. A stylish sink sits on a sleek wooden wall-mounted cabinet, while a large mirror adds to the spacious feel. The strip of wooden tiles on the floor lends a dash of chic cosiness, while a slim glass panel separates the minimalistic shower space. A wall-mounted modern WC, a chrome clothes drying rack, and a glass-covered in-built niche for the geyser make the most of this compact bathroom, while powerful recessed lights contribute to its brightness.  

 Hope you enjoyed the charming and creative transformation of this once cramped and dreary apartment. Here’s another makeover story for more inspiration - A Drab Apartment Reaches Stylish Heights.

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