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Pracownia Projektowa ARCHIPELAG Modern houses
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Today, we will visit a simply wonderful home that is ideal for those looking to live away from major urban centers or are seeking a more peaceful lifestyle. 

Designed by Polish architects, Pracownia Projektowa Archipelag, this home will impress you. Perfectly integrated with the natural environment, this home ensures that the family can make the absolute most of the sunshine during the warm, summer months with features including a swimming pool!

The house also offers a plethora of modern, decorative features throughout the interior space, where the colours and tones chosen result in very warm vibrations in the home.

This is a home that is so charming, it feels like it comes out of a dream. It has the perfect garden, an amazing swimming pool and a very impressive interior. We invite you to come with us as we explore this wonderful project designed by these marvelous professionals.

Enjoy the tranquility of this neighborhood, soak your feet in the pool and let it dazzle you with inspiration!

The beginning of the dream

The tranquility of the neighborhood is felt, even from this rendering, immediately drawing our attention to the house. This is truly a place that escapes the urban chaos, where the family doesn't have to worry about too many cars zooming past, constant movement in the streets and security. This is a dream come true!

It also features a comfortable terrace, where the family can enjoy the fresh air as well as a space to relax by the beautiful swimming pool. The well-manicured garden complements the facade, while the solar panels ensure that this home is green, harnessing the power of the sun. 

The other side

In an aerial image of the home, we can see the beauty of the structure. The roof is finished in a dark charcoal colour, creating a modern finish on a very classically styled home. 

The large solar panels installed on the roof make sure that this space is energy efficient, and ensure that a family can live in their dream home while still saving money.

The swimming pool is set in a perfectly kept garden. The wooden terrace and the deck contrast perfectly with the stone surroundings, creating the most wonderful area for relaxing outside. 

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Front facade

The front facade brings in a sense of discretion, enhanced by a manicured garden. The landscaping that surround the home hints at the flawless design. 

The house also features a garage with a wooden, automatic garage door, which works in harmony with the simple white walls. This is a very neat and modern package!

This is truly a tranquil neighborhood with homes that would win awards for the best front yards on the block! 

Integrated environment

After much appreciation of the external structure of this incredible home, we come inside and notice a large open plan space that houses the living room. With a sophisticated tone throughout the interior decor, grey is the dominant colour. It works in harmony with the abundance of large glass doors and windows, which allow natural light to flow into this space.

The grey curtains create a wonderful dialogue between the decor and the furniture, as well as offer a way to control the lighting and bring a bit of privacy to the environment.

The vinyl floor offers comfort and homeliness, while the LED lighting in the plaster ceiling brings a modern touch to the living area.

The kitchen

The creativity in the kitchen instantly draws us in thanks to the choice of fixtures as well as the splashes of vibrant green tones. 

This is a kitchen that is very modern and original. It has also been planned very well, with large cabinets that offer perfect storage space, making for a very organized kitchen.

The white kitchen island subtly separates this space from the rest of the living area and creates the perfect environment for quick meals. 

The black walls as well as the choice of artwork offers an excellent contrast to the white walls that we've seen throughout the rest of the home. The tiled floors also offer a gentle transition between the living areas. Ceramic floors are also great for the kitchen as they are easy to clean!

Time to say goodbye

In this image, we can see how perfectly the terrace works in this home. It offers a space to watch the children play in the garden and offers easy access to the swimming pool. 

The soft lights also illuminate this area so that it can be enjoyed at night.

This is a true dream house and proof of what kind of home we can live in. So dream! One day you can have a home just like this one.

Is this your dream house?

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