5 Completely Clever Kitchen Renovations

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While these kitchen renovations all range in style, they have two things in common: they completely changed the kitchen, and they were careful with the fine details. The original kitchens were in disrepair, so a total overhaul was necessary. However, so often when a kitchen is completely renovated the designers forget to consider the fine details that complete their design. Not so with these clever experts, each went the extra mile to make their kitchens spectacular. 

Before: Crumbling

It's hard to imagine a kitchen in worse condition than this. The floor, the walls, and the tiles are crumbling. We see why the architects needed to do a complete renovation here. 

After: Wow

This kitchen has been transformed into a modern and functional space. But that's not all. There's a touch of traditional elements here that really complete the kitchen. The detail on the wooden table looks handcrafted and elegant, the window shutters have a traditional folding style, and the large square tile on the far wall looks like it belongs to the practical and easy-to-clean kitchens of a few decades ago. 

Before: Messy

You might be wondering: what exactly is going on in this kitchen? It's not just tiny and overflowing with appliances, there's also no consistent style among these outdated features. 

After: Layout Upgrade

This kitchen seems three times as large with the addition of that extra counter-space and storage. Every new surface feels modern and fresh and the designers have gone the extra mile to capitalize on that modern feel. The simple wine storage in the front of the counter is elegant, and pairs perfectly with the new glass door. The gray polished handles on the cupboards match the grey doors that have been put on the new cupboards on the right. Everything is consistent and stylish. 

Before: Narrow

This dark kitchen would be painful to cook in. The lighting is sub-par, the counter is too thin, and the whole space feels crowded by the table, even though the table is quite small itself.

After: Bright and Charming

By removing the far counter this whole kitchen has been made larger. The remaining counter space is wide enough to actually work on, and this new table is larger than the last. Plus, the designers have taken some inspiration from those cute windows and have made the whole kitchen charming and traditional. The walls are bright and blue, there's an adorable pub sign on the wall, and a little wooden heart on the counter-top. 

Before: Terrible

This kitchen is so tiny that it's hard to imagine someone could make a meal in here. There's no practicality to the design either. 

After: Jaw-Dropping

The designers have installed all kinds of kitchen essentials where there once were none. There's ample counter and storage space, and a huge sink. The designers have also made this kitchen stylish with a unique light, exposed brick, and a dark range hood. Style has been added in this space just as much as function has! 

Before and After: Muddy to Modern

In one glance we can see how much this kitchen has changed. Before, it was dark and old. Now, it's modern white style is complemented by deep wood materials and earthy accessories. 

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Which one of these kitchen renovations was your favourite?

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