The Story of a Stylish Home – From the Planning Stages

Leigh Leigh
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Polish design professionals, ARCHON + PROJEKTY DOMOW, have a real treat in store for us today.

We are going to explore a home from the outside in and see how it translates directly from an architectural plan! 

The house has been designed to include a very impressive roof and facade as well as a direct flow between the interior spaces and the gorgeous garden. We will also witness how the stylish facade ensures that the home stands out, but still works beautifully with the nature that surrounds it.

Today's project is also a wonderful example of how comfort and functionality merges with style and trend.

Are you ready to take a look? 

The fabulous facade

From a rendering of the front of the house, we can see what a beautiful and unique structure it is. It features white plastered walls, wood cladding and a homely red tiled roof, which creates a very stylishly packaged home.

We can already see how the interior of the home and the exterior of the home communicate with one another, thanks to the large glass windows, doors and skylights featured throughout. 

Stone cladding also makes an appearance in the facade, which brings an earthy and rustic touch to the look and feel. Do you see what we mean about how the house works with the nature that surrounds it?

A garage finishes off the neat facade, keeping anything that may detract from the pristine appearance neatly stored away.

A backyard of bliss!

If we go around the back of the house, we come across a very sophisticated garden, terrace and swimming pool area. We can also see how the uniquely shaped windows and doors visually and physically connect the interior and exterior spaces.

The swimming pool is very elegant and sophisticated, but also serves as a functional feature for the whole family. Can you imagine hosting barbeques out here along with pool parties?

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The terrace offers the perfect spot for relaxing in the sunshine, dining under the stars or watching the kids while they swim.

Elegant and sophisticated interiors

If we make our way inside, we come across an open plan living space that is packed with elegance and sophistication.

The designers have gone for neutral tones inside the home, opting for white, grey and a light wooden throughout. This creates a very cozy yet chic look and feel, merging the principles of comfort and style.

The living room features a corner sofa, which has been positioned in front of a flat screen television and a very trendy looking fireplace. The large glass window ensures that natural light streams into this space. 

The light that hangs in the living room is incredibly luxurious, bringing a contemporary edge to the room.

The dining room is simple, yet fashionable with its wooden table and pot plant, which adds a bit of the natural!

The lovely kitchen

The kitchen is part of the open plan living space, but has been very subtly separated by tiled flooring. This is a great design tip! Tiling is also a much better material to use for the kitchen as it is easy to clean.

The designers have gone for the same neutral tones in this space and have also opted for a minimalist look and feel. The counters are completely devoid of any objects or items that are not functional or necessary. This has been achieved thanks to smart storage solutions throughout the kitchen, which keep everything neatly stored away and organized at all times. 

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How it all comes together

If we look at the living space from this angle, we can see how the dining room and kitchen flow together, while remaining distinct in their functionalities.

We can also see how two bar stools have been added to the breakfast bar, providing a more causal dining space for guests or family members. Couldn't you imagine relaxing here over a cup of coffee while sharing stories about your day?

On the left, the wall has been decorated with a very impressive piece of artwork that has been carefully chosen to enhance this space. Remember that you don't have to jam pack your walls with decor items, picture frames and artwork. Less can sometimes be more. Choose pieces that are meaningful.

The plan

We end our tour looking at the plan, which we should be able to read now that we have seen some of the home!

If we look at it carefully, we can see how the rooms have been designed to flow onto one another as well as how the terrace and backyard has been strategically positioned so that it expands the living area. We can see that the more private rooms are on the right hand side of the house, in front of the double garage.

An architectural plan like this one is a great way to ensure that you are on the same page as your architect. Ask him or her to draw one for you so you can picture what your home will look like once it is completed.

Were you able to understand the architectural plan?

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