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10 Unusual Homes From Around the World

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Casa Vila Catela Lanza Arquitetos Pool
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Prepare to take a world tour to visit some of the most stunning homes we could find. From Chile to India, these buildings will startle and delight you. They come in all styles, from bold and modern to luxurious and tropical. Some of these masterpieces are as small as backyard shed while others are storeys high. Join us and discover which of these beauties is your dream home! 

1. Round Palace

This gem from architects Aliwen in Chile is surprising in so many ways. The round shape is perfectly paired with clay outer walls in a warm beige. The landscaping really shows off this home, with multiple rounded layers that create different outdoor spaces and leave plenty of room for water fountains and shading umbrellas.

2. French Chateau

This two-story home has elegance in every corner. The traditional building shape hold some surprising features like the wrought-iron and intricate balcony, the sheltered marble statue entrance, and the gold leaf flourishes on the front wall. 

3. Traditional in India

For many of us Canadians, this Indian home looks anything but traditional! However, those of us with Indian heritage will recognize the steep gold roof and golden pillars that stand beneath them as traditional and luxurious architectural elements. The architects have even added a garden with jungle plants, adding life and colour to this beautiful home. 

4. Flowing Front

This smaller building from London is no less dramatic for its size. The simple wooden material has been used to create a flowing look, where floor and wall are hard to distinguish between. The oval structure of the home is unique, and makes for a ceiling that is delightfuly curved and cozy.

5. Modern Upgrade

The exterior of this building was an old farm house with a collapsed front wall, before architects Tagarro-De Miguel restored it. The contrast between old and new is the focus here, with a huge glass front wall designed with modernist principles and echoing the broken past of the building. This is a clever way to keep a building's character while restoring function and adding style.

6. Tropical Pool

Casa Vila Catela Lanza Arquitetos Pool
Lanza Arquitetos

Casa Vila Catela

Lanza Arquitetos

This Brazillian home rejuvenates our eyes. It's seamless blue pool feels like the ocean, and the palms adorning the edges add a natural effect that's soothing and decorative. Who wouldn't want to spend a vacation here? 

7. Warm Winter

This German home lights up during the winter. The wood feels rustic and fitting with the natural surroundings, but the warm finish and the yellow lighting adds a heat that makes this building look comforting even in the snow. We have a more unconventional German home here if you're interested!

8. Stark Curves

This Japanese home is a bit of a contradiction. It seems stark, grey, and square at the front, but in the back we can see that it bends and curves. There's a real sense of motion in this shape that makes the building one-of-a-kind despite its lack of adornment. Want to get some Asian-inspiration for the interior of your home instead? Try out this South Korean beach home, it has a unique shape too! 

9. Tall and Dark

Elevation homify Country style house



This home belongs to a lucky family in South Africa, who surely enjoy the huge fireplaces and large outdoor patio. This two-story building seems taller than average and we can only imagine that translates to high ceilings inside. As for the outside, its cream and black mix provides some contrast that brings definition to all of its features and shapes. 

10. Cool Symmetry

This Brazilian home is open wherever possible to let the cool breeze and the natural light flow. It's symmetrical design feels balanced and elegant, while the rough roof adds some texture and depth. 

Missing that elusive Canadian style? This rustic cottage will remind you of home!

Which of these homes would you most like to own? Let us know why in the comments!
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