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10 Suspended Ceilings That Will Lift Your Gaze

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Suspended (or false) ceilings are ornamental in that they can add visual interest and character to a room, but they're also practical in that they can be used to hide plumbing equipment, electrical cords, heating fixtures, and other structural features of your home. In addition, with the addition of a suspended or false ceiling, you can also visually separate different areas of a room without having to erect walls, giving each space in a common area a unique character. That said, a suspended ceiling can be something that you add to your home for style, and it can also be added with a functional purpose in mind. 

This ideabook presents 10 unique ideas for a useful and stylish false ceilings that may just inspire you to add one of your own!

1. Drywall ceiling

A false ceiling can consist of an insert that occupies a small area of the room, but it also can be placed over the entire ceiling's surface. In this house near Venice, the Sanson architects created a drywall ceiling in two layers: one that identifies with a larger area, and a slightly smaller one that covers the main area of the living room. These two separate ceiling layers create distinct areas in the room, highlighting the border of the room where the bold, angular staircase crosses the far wall.  This design also interacts nicely with the floor, as the light tones in the illuminated ceiling adopt a warm tone similar to the floor. The result is a larger emphasis on the light wooden tone of the floor that fosters a sense of warmth in the room.

2. Decorative plaster ceiling

A plaster ceiling is less on the functional side and more on the decorative, creative side! Here we see a ceiling renovation in an Art Nouveau-style building dating from the twentieth century. The plaster detailing on the ceiling certainly creates a sense of history and character in the room, turning a broad expanse of white into an engaging and interesting scene. The decoration also displays the structure's history as two separate rooms – this new plaster ceiling has kept these spaces separate by placing their two ceilings in distinctly patterned frames. 

3. Furniture + ceiling

Here we see an example in which the false ceiling is combined with a bookcase, both made of plasterboard. This design is easy to pull off and adds a sense of theme and uniformity in a suspended ceiling design, as it matches perfectly with the character of the furniture. The addition of lighting that has been strategically placed along the perimeter of the suspended ceiling brings illumination into a smaller room that receives little natural light, and it also draws attention upwards. Combine this with the LED globe light that illuminates this little closet library, and you've got a bright and welcoming space. This is an example of a convenient storage space that uses an illuminated suspended ceiling to exaggerate the height in order to give the room a more spacious feel. 

Looking for more shelving and library ideas? Have a look at this collection of amazing bookcases that'll really show off your home's book collection!

4. Suspended ceiling with ventilation

When you are looking for a spot to install heating or air conditioning systems, a false ceiling can be a good solution. This is an idea that Tiorgio Pettenò architects used when they performed a renovation in this apartment on the Giudecca Island in Venice. The main room beyond this doorway features a suspended ceiling with brilliant fluorescent lighting, while the ventilation has been installed in the ceiling above the door of each room as part of a narrow ceiling that borders the top of frame. 

5. A hallway false ceiling

Here you see a modern corridor, hallway, and stairwell constructed by architects at Nigrelli Salvatore Architetto. This false ceiling is an example of how you can create a stunning visual effect with simple materials in unexpected places! As this ceiling hangs quite low, the long, prominent line that it draws down the hall creates a visual extension of the hall. The linear arrangements of round LED lighting generate an additional suggestion of an elongated corridor, creating a hallway that truly draws you in.

6. Making separate spaces

This clever ceiling design has taken one large common space and given them two separate areas, making for a balanced distribution of space. On the left side, we find the dining room area, and on the right side, the living room. The way that the ceiling of the dining room blends seamlessly with the wall offers a stark contrast to the absence of this layer on the living room side. This is an excellent and stylish example of how a false ceiling can be used to subtly separate a large common area in the house.

7. A ceiling that blends

A white and black minimalist theme dominates the dining room in this apartment designed by LM architects. The white colour shared between the table and the ceiling forms a nice contrast against the gray and black found in the wall. The suspended ceiling above covers the entire surface seamlessly, blending into the white wall and door. This design creates clear layers that provide visual interest in their simplicity – a perfect addition for a modern and minimalist room.

8. A ceiling for adding accent

A suspended ceiling can also be used to provide accent lighting or give a little extra highlight to a specific place in your house. In this example, Catalina Camerota has designed an artistic and elegant atmosphere featuring a colourful painted sliding door. This eye-catching piece is given a little extra oomph from the false ceiling above where an accent light has been installed to shine directly on the door. 

Beyond, the ceiling of the dining room also draws attention to the hanging lamps in the center of the room by showing a small deviation in height in the area supporting the lamps, creating a small recession that frames the light fixtures nicely. Both of these examples are great ways to use ceilings to highlight various features in your home. 

If you like how this designer has turned a flat white wall into a visually enriching space, have a look at this ideabook with 9 ideas for making your walls wonderful!

9. Adding artistic elements

Here we see a creative example of how you can use a drop ceiling to create artistic interest in various areas of  a room. This living space is divided into two areas (living and dining areas), while the ceiling consists of three different parts. The recessed gray section draws a line along the route to the kitchen, suggesting a sort of hallway. The section located above the dining table has been left plain, while the false ceiling above the living room has been given some added interest with small wooden planks that hug the corner. It's not every day that you see a ceiling that offers so much artistic variety!

10. Adding windows

Lacking in the natural light department? A false ceiling can function as false windows instead! In this example, bold black squares offer eye-catching frames for the addition of translucent patterned glass. As these ceiling-mounted windows have been backlit by bulbs tucked between the frames and the true ceiling, this room enjoys the illusion of natural light entering through a few unexpected window panes.

What do you think of these creative drop ceilings? Comment below!
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