15 Magical Mirrors That'll Make You Look Twice

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Mirrors are a great way to add depth, energy, movement, and light to your home interior (and, as you'll see in this ideabook, to its exterior as well!). If you're looking for inspiration on how to use reflective surfaces in interesting and appealing ways, you've come to the right place – these mirrors bring natural light into dark places, reflect natural imagery throughout interior rooms, create deeper and wider spaces, and play tricks on the eyes to create artistic and intriguing optical illusions! 

Here are some of homify's more innovative examples of mirrored designs for your inspiration!

1. Optical Illusions

It may take a moment to get your bearings when looking at this pattern-filled bathroom – behind the sink, there's a mirror that extends down from the ceiling, ending just above the white trim by the floor. Instead of a small mounted wall mirror that you'd typically find in a bathroom, this large mirror appears to make the back wall disappear, turning the small bathroom into a space twice its size, visually. The coolest part about this design is the way the mirror has reflected the bathroom's geometric wall pattern, both creating an additional layer of interest and providing some extra mental space for this busy bathroom design.

2. Harmonious Shapes

With a curve reminiscent of the yin and yang symbol, this bathroom has gone to extra effort to create a setting for the bathroom mirror that embraces (literally) its circular shape. As the creamy wall appears to cut away to make room for the crisp white wall underneath, this round mirror sits in perfect harmony right in the middle, in a design that feels established, purposeful, and artistic.

3. Wide Views

This exterior mirrored design surely isn't a quick fix project or a DIY solution, but for an architect who is willing to undertake something so unique, the results are undoubtably dazzling! This desert home practically fades into the landscape due to the horizontal slats of mirrored segments that reflect the wide, flat prairie surrounding the structure. Even the door and windows offer highly reflective surfaces, resulting in a design that coexists with its natural surroundings with a mirrored twist that's as simple as it is unexpected.

4. Minimalist Mirror

This horizontally-oriented rectangular mirror provides a very subtle layer of grey on this minimalist bathroom wall, reflecting, well, another grey wall. While wide, horizontal mirror's shape and size provides a good balance for the wide table below, it does so in an incredibly subtle way that causes you to second guess whether or not there's even a mirror there in the first place. This mention of a mirror is a great accessory for this minimalist room, its borderless design displaying the simplest lines while its orientation further emphasizes the grey, industrial-inspired tones in the rest of the room.

5. Framing the Outdoors

For anyone who's ever wanted to capture the image of a beautiful sunset, here's your solution – this home has an exterior picture frame mirror that seems to provide a painted portrait of the landscape beyond. Well-placed on the side of the home where a side walk approaches from the drive way, the owners of this unique modern home can enjoy a framed view of their surroundings each and every time they walk up to their home, being reminded of the ways they are living in harmony with nature.

6. Widening the Hallway

This is an interesting design – the hallway seems to big to be left empty, but too small to fit many furnishings. With the addition of this large, leaning mirror, these designers have been able to create a visually deeper space, making the placement of two chair and a table far more appropriate. What's more, this leaning mirror reflects all of the lush plant life that's growing under the stairs, allowing these beautiful plants to be enjoyed no matter which side of the hallway you look towards.

For more tricks for maximizing your small space, explore the ideas in this ideabook.

7. A Polished Mantle

Why have a plain white wall when you can have this silvery antique mantle behind your fireplace? This shimmery mirrored design brings extra attention to the regality of this home's stone fireplace, emphasizing the luxurious tone of this majestic mantle.

8. Hidden Storage

For truly out-of-the-way storage, these mirrored doors create closet space that seems to fade into the background, reflecting the more picturesque elements of the room – the ornate dresser, large window, and hanging crystal chandelier all enjoy a second round of fame in these clever mirrored closet doors.

9. A Bright Backsplash

No one likes cooking in a dark, depressing space – this kitchen's oven backsplash brighten things up a bit by offering a luminous, reflective surface to balance out the dark metals in the oven (bonus point for also providing a very smooth, easy-to-clean surface for splashes and spills!).

10. Abstract Art

Here's an interesting mirrored furnishing – an easel that holds a mirror in the place of a canvas! The leaning design helps to reflecting incoming light and redirect it towards other more dimly-lit areas, but this easel goes beyond serving a practical function. An artistic piece like this provides some space for thought, acting as an eye-catching blank canvas that seems to positively glow with potential…

11. A Slice of the Outdoors

Mirrors have a way of playing tricks on this eye! In this case, a mirror covers the entire left wall of this living room/bedroom area, converting an interior wall into a window filled with natural views!

12. A Striped Shower

This bathroom features a glass shower stall that's completely exposed but for the reflective silver stripe that runs down one of the glass walls. This seamless design causes a person standing in just the right spot to momentarily disappear, giving the suggestion of shelter and privacy while maintaining an open feel in the bathroom.

13. A Unique Bedroom Wall

Silver Mirror and frosted mirror detail Lamco Design LTD BedroomWardrobes & closets
Lamco Design LTD

Silver Mirror and frosted mirror detail

Lamco Design LTD

This bedroom enjoys its own reflection in these partially frosted mirrors that line an entire wall. Behind, there's storage, but in front, there's a blue-hue reflection of all the elements in the room – not only does this create more visual space in the room, but it does so in an artistic way that decorates the walls with an eclectic striped pattern using nothing but light, reflection, and the objects that are already found in the room.

14. Bringing in the Nature

Crack open this front door, and you'll find that nature is more than eager to greet you – what a way to leave the house for the day!

15. Creating Camouflage

Here on the other side of this forest home, you can see how mirrors have again been used to cover the outer area of the home, making for a camouflaged woodland dwelling that speaks equally of the natural and the manmade!

Do you love homes that blends the indoors with the outdoors? You can't miss this tour of a minimalist home that houses an exterior courtyard inside its living room!

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