20 Of The Cutest Small Homes You’ll Ever See

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At homify, we can't get enough of small houses! There's something truly charming about a home that is compact and cleverly designed. Newly built small houses are wonderfully customizable and the lack of space means that owners and designers have to be highly creative. They are well thought out and surprisingly livable.

Small homes embody minimalism and the wider zeitgeist of simplicity that we in the modern world are rushing towards. They rebel against the status quo and challenge us to rethink how we live in our space. They are also a great investment because they are less expensive than a traditional home. The environmentally conscious will also delight in a small home that requires less energy to heat and has a smaller impact on the earth. 

Small homes are where architects and designers start to get playful and bend the rules. . Here are a few of the cutest and most stylish homes from around the world. We hope as houses get smaller and smaller, our list of small homes will keep getting bigger! 

1. Updated cottage

This pretty little cottage must have a great attic space that we'd love to checkout. What a cute little home!

2. Small home or modern art?

This stunning home is surreal. The traditional shape of the building contrasts with the sleek black wood and industrial concrete.

3. Modern doll house

This home looks like a house for the modern doll. The angular shapes provide interesting architectural lines and the wood exterior of the house is like a charming little cabin. 

4. Just a slice of house

It's hard to imagine anyone living in an otherworldly home such as this! The incredible shape of it alone is enough to make us want to move in.

5. Mini home

This real home looks like someone's craft project! The sloped roof and skylights are spectacular.

6. Urban treehouse

This home is wrapped with wood on the second storey and juts out from the clean concrete first floor. It's like an urban tree fort! Do you know the password?

7. Modern art or house?

This home is incredible! Without a facade, this house throws out the rule book when it comes to home architecture.

8. Dear cabin in the woods

This home looks like it could be made out of sugar! The bright colours on the small home are stylish but would just look strange on a big or normal sized house!

9. Black and white that wows

This home has a wonderful inset gabled roof with a patio on the top floor. The windows are bold, as is the white and black starkness of the house!

10. Boxy small home

This boxy little home has an entirely glazed bottom floor that seems to open right into the yard! Must be a great view from the upstairs bedroom.   

11. The quizzical small house

This home is as cute and strange as they come! There's no telling from the outside what we are in store for once we go through that front door. 

12. Small home or sauna?

This inviting wooden small house looks like a traditional Finnish sauna! What a cozy space!

13. Small home big style

This small home has a ton of style! We love the floor to ceiling windows upstairs. 

14. Jungle bungalow

This small home is one with nature with its covered patio space and wide open glazing. Just one floor is all you need for a cozy home!

15. Tropical paradise

This cheerful yellow home has beautiful tiling and is adorned with tropical plants to give the home a fresh and sunny look. 

16. Small home or prison?

This intimidating industrial home makes a bold statement. The lone window on the facade of the house is eclipsed by the glassed in box in front. 

17. Cabin life

This charming small house has a cabin like feel to it! We love this dear little back porch that opens up into the house giving the feeling of more space.

18. This pre-fab home is all windows!

A tiny home with a big impact. Incredible glazing like this is only possible in a micro-loft like this!

19. Architectural mix up

This home incorporates many different architectural styles in a playful way that wouldn't translate well in a larger house design. We love the skylights and the sleek wood on the front of the house.

20. Small home on a pedestal

This home breaks all the rules! We love the bold design.

Thanks for looking at these incredible small homes with us! For a closer look at our number one, check out our feature on Kubu: the quickly built micro-loft

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