A Cool Concrete House Made Warm With Wood

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Nobuyoshi Hayashi Modern kitchen
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Today on homify we are excited to take a look at a home with a cool concrete exterior that is made warm  by the use of wood. Japanese architects Nobuyoshi Hayashi designed a home that would recall traditional home building while providing modern style. 

The quaint cottage shape of the house is in contrast to the harshness of the glass and concrete used in its construction. The result is a deconstructed rural house with an urbane presence. This home with great views of surrounding trees is stunning from any angle. 

Interiors are fitted with mid-century and minimalist aesthetics. The intelligent use of glazing in the house makes every room playful and intriguing. Let’s take a tour of this house that will make you re-think concrete homes!

A façade of contrasts

The façade is made almost entirely of concrete and glass. The architects blended pastoral and urban. The classic shape of the house is a nod to traditional euro-centric home building. The front of the house has one, lone, perfect square of a window on the second floor. A simple wooden door is beneath the window. The entryway offers the only natural element on the exterior of the house. Next to the entryway is the glassed-in conservatory room. It extends from the front of the house like a glass and concrete chrysalis. The concrete walls look unfinished and imperfect, echoing a wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Elegance of the kitchen and dining space

Any thought that the concrete home would be cold and overly modern are now gone. A Japanese minimalist aesthetic is balanced by the use of wood. The wood brings warmth, texture, and evokes a sense of connectedness to nature. The golden pendant lamp hangs like a necklace from the wood cathedral ceiling. Light surges in through the impossibly beautiful triangular glazing on the far wall. No clutter or extraneous furniture makes this a functional kitchen. We love the herringbone style wood floor in a deep cherry red!

Inside the glass conservatory

This is the conservatory that we first spied from the outside of the house. Inside it looks like a defunct greenhouse. The concrete floor pairs well with the grey wood they’ve chosen for the brightest room of the house. Strict architectural lines are everywhere and the room feels like it’s a grid itself. There’s potential in this room to fill the shelves with books, plants, or ceramics. Keeping them bare is a brazen act of minimalism. This multi-purpose bench could serve as an office, if you’re not easily distracted by the views outside! You could also enjoy a morning coffee and read a book while enjoying the lightness of the room.

Modern living space

Back to the main living space, we can see the open plan of the main floor. Combined inside is the kitchen, dining, and living space in one large room. The wall treatment softens the room and provides more texture. It looks almost like steel with a swirled finish. An oblong window provides a view to greenery while maintaining a feeling of solitude. The counters and cabinets in the front of the kitchen appear mint green in this light. The many wood tones give the space an eclectic feel.

Another perspective

A wide view of the home shows off the main floor shows that this is a house designed to have lots of interior living space. The multifarious use of windows is stimulating because each has its own character. We can get just a glimpse outside onto a deck space that you can access from the main room. The verdant trees outside and the use of wood in the interior create a dazzling display of harmony with nature.

A staircase to remember

Retro style emanates from the furnishings. The designer chose classic mid-century modern pieces. This interior design choice recalls the original plan for the home; a modern twist on a traditional foundation. There is certainly a retro appeal to the small glass divider. We can now see the incredible staircase in the home. Paralleled by none, this avant-garde staircase elevates the design of the house. The stairs have half floating steps at the top that are bold and black. The first half of the staircase is geometric, classic, and constructed of pale wood

​A cheeky window in the bathroom

The bathroom is done in an unanticipated cheerful blue. A window angled cleverly behind the toilet illuminates the room while ensuring total privacy. The walls are sleek and curvy. The wood countertop brings some soul into the contemporary bathroom.

We hope you enjoyed this tour of an incredible concrete home! If you want more design inspiration like this check out our feature on a stacked and stylish home!

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