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The modern, fast-paced lifestyle of today often restricts parents to sufficiently bond with their children. Much as parents would love to spend more time with their loving bundles of energy, their schedules permit only scant quality time. In such a scenario, it becomes all the more important for the home to be family-oriented, with a strong focus on easy communication between the parents and the children. So when given the brief of designing such a family-friendly home with linked spaces for a couple with three children, architects at Oua Oyu Avon in Seoul worked their magic on the Zen House, creating an ambiance that brings the entire family together. Different kinds of textures, sophisticated hues, sleek and trendy designs, and aesthetic lighting make this abode a stylish treat for the eyes too.

A simple but stylish façade

The neutral greys of the façade give the house a cool and elegant exterior, while the interiors receive ample sunlight through the multiple windows. The bare tree trunk has been stylishly included in the home’s structure, and resembles a modern work of art. The linearity of the residence has been beautifully softened by a curved wall and glass balustrade on the upper storey.

The elegant entrance

Entering the house, we set foot into what seems to be an art gallery! The paintings and sculpture set against a solid grey wall made of big rectangular stones, the gleaming white floor and the recessed lights above blend to create a cool and sophisticated ambiance here. This look is enhanced considerably by the use of glass near the staircase.

Luxurious living area

What a lovely living area! The open plan layout creates a perfect interactive environment since there is an excellent view of both the ground floor as well as the mezzanine level. The black steps on the white staircase make for a floating look, which heightens the sense of openness. The wooden accent wall provides a warm and striking contrast against the elegant white, black and grey colour palette here. The gorgeous chandelier, the floral arrangement on the staircase landing and the centrepiece on the sleek coffee table add dollops of glamour and sophistication. The sleek sectional caters to comfy seating and subtly demarcates the kitchen from the living space.

The contemporary and classy kitchen

The kitchen is an elegant vision in monochrome and we just love the contemporary pendant light! The kitchen island has an extension that can be used as a dining area or even as a space for the children to study, and it also faces the living area thus combining the three areas into a single unit. Parents and children can spend time separately in any of the three spaces yet be together! Equipped with shiny chrome appliances and minimalistic chairs, the kitchen looks serene, classy and functional.

A spacious landing for the children

Ascending to the upper level, the three children have ample space for playing with their friends. They can spread out on the warm wooden floor of the landing or curl up with a book on the comfortable white sofa or soft rug. The large windows provide a flood of natural light while the recessed lights look classy indeed! The parents can conveniently keep an eye on the children too, since this area is within view from most parts of the house.

Basement fun

Running on the lines of modern designs for small spaces, the basement has multiple sections that flow into each other cohesively. The futuristic light above the small wooden games table adds a dash of pizzazz, while the colourful chairs are a warm splash of colour against the cool greys of the interesting timber composite floor. The furniture is minimal and the floor is scratch-resistant since the basement is designed to serve as a workout area and games room. It also doubles up as a guest room when required.

The supremely stylish bedroom

The three snazzy main lights that create an amazing three-dimensional effect catch our attention at once in the bedroom. What a brilliant way to enhance the glamour quotient of this sophisticated space with the large ceiling light, the futuristic bedside lamp and the elegant sconce light on the wall! The soft recessed lights along the stone wall add their own charm to their bigger counterparts. The wooden warmth of the floor harmonizes perfectly with the accent wall, and we can easily imagine relaxing in that cosy bed without a care in the world! Beyond the accent wall, we catch a glimpse of a stylish bathroom whose cool greys contrast the warm brown hues of the bedroom elegantly.

Vibrant tranquillity in the children’s room

The unique large, bright light on the ceiling instantly brings an element of fun to the children’s room. The dark timber floor and white walls find an unexpected yet pleasing contrast in the light blue accent wall, with the colourful seating arrangement bringing in a touch of playfulness.

This beautiful home is a fine example of brilliant designs in cahoots with open, bright and expansive interiors. The architects have done full justice to the brief of creating a stylish family-friendly home. Here’s another tour for more inspiration - This Family Home Lets The Sun Shines In.

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