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A Warm Welcome Into This Vibrant Home

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Danielle Tassi Arquitetura e Interiores Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
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The bustling Brazilian city of Sao Paulo has welcomed us today with the intriguing variety of architectures that dot its landscape, ranging from neo-gothic and colonial to modernist. But Casa Residencial SP is the recently renovated home that has attracted our attention today with its bright, vivacious decor scheme, trendy furniture, sleek designs, and random quirky touches. Vibrant pops of red, yellow, green and many other hues will greet you from the moment you enter this abode. And you will also be impressed by how the interior architects at Danielle Tassi Arquitetura E Interiores have blended various decor styles to create unique functional spaces. The residence banks on ultramodern, rustic and country style accents to shine as a cozy urban oasis.

A vivacious gourmet balcony

The use of bright colours is very suitable for this vital gourmet area of the home, located on the balcony. The long wooden table and benches, brick wall, wooden beams and unusual pendant lights create a rustic ambiance which is enlivened and enhanced by the old-fashioned yellow cabinet. The red fridge adds a splash of colour and the whole ensemble is cheerful and informal. The big black barrel inscribed with “Jack Daniels” is a quirky element that raises the fun factor. We can visualize a family enjoying a hearty meal here amidst lots of fun and laughter!

Relaxing in the comfortable living area

The living area is a good example of the blend of rustic and modern that runs through the house.  The rustic touch has been highlighted through the use of bricks, in the exposed brick wall of the fireplace. This accent wall harmonizes beautifully with the modernized wicker chairs, and with the existing hardwood floor that has been restored to its original gleaming beauty. The elegant glass coffee table adds a touch of contemporary style to the area. Bringing in the outdoors with an abundance of natural light, are the sliding glass doors that lead to the porch and garden.

Minimalism in the dining area

The restored hardwood floor provides a stylish setting for the matching elegant glass-topped wooden dining table and sturdy white and brown wooden chairs. The red flowerpot on the floating wooden sideboard is an attractive touch that matches the red fridge of the gourmet balcony on the other side of the door. We also love the sophisticated black ceiling lamp, which boosts the style quotient in this minimalist setting.

The appealing mini-bar

A charming little red mini-bar and two tastefully decorated floating shelves are located next to the dining room, adding personality to the home. The artworks are especially quirky!

A chef’s delight

This is a very stylish, functional and large kitchen that anyone would love to cook in! The modern white and black colour palette of the furniture is given a rustic touch via the interesting concrete floor. We note the consistent and striking use of bold red as an accent colour here as well.

Enjoying a casual meal

Part of the large kitchen has been used to accommodate a small dining table and chairs for a cozy, informal meal. The red centrepiece finds company in the red wall clock, while the large black hanging lamp adds a touch of glamour.

Bright comfort in the child’s room

This child’s room is a classic combination of blue and red. The original wallpaper on one wall has been retained and harmonizes perfectly with the colour scheme. The bed with its scattered playful cushions looks inviting and comfortable. The red shelves against the blue walls are useful and look decorative as well. The beautiful wooden floor adds warmth to the room that is lit up by a wealth of natural light from the window.

Blue beauty in the bathroom

The eye-catching arrangement of trendy tiles in different shades of blue makes the shower area quite a work of art! The blue-grey and white tones and the classy countertop give the bathroom an elegant look. The sanitary wares are sleek and elegant and the two wicker baskets complete the décor beautifully.

Elegant and feminine

The daughter’s room has a classy combination of white and brown wooden furniture that pairs well with the wooden floor. The faint embossed pattern of the wallpaper is an elegant backdrop for the pink and white ensemble on the bed.

The pristine bathroom

The bathroom adjoining the daughter’s room is on the same delicate lines. The white fixtures and marble countertop look modern and sophisticated. The traces of green add freshness and prettiness to the spotless white theme here. The shower nook comes with a smart niche for storing toiletries.

Simple serenity in the master bedroom

The master bedroom is simple and elegant. There is a lovely accent wall with horizontal stripes in neutral tones on which an arrangement of framed keys looks quite arresting and unique. The simple and attractive bedside lamps provide elegant touches on either side of the comfortable double bed.

The smart master bathroom

The master bathroom is sleek and functional with simple but stylish fittings. The marble countertop looks sophisticated and trendy, and the two wicker baskets round off the décor nicely. Lovely green mosaic tiles line the walls of the shower to break the monotony of white here.

Sunny ambiance for the patio

The patio is approachable from the living area and we do love its comfortable, stylish wooden armchairs and bright, lively cushions! The eye-catching colours team well with the green of the garden too. The potted plants and flowers create pretty splashes of colour that are just perfect for an outdoor leisure zone.

The interior architects have brought a very fresh and appealing look through their makeover of this spacious abode, breathing new life into old rooms. It is fascinating to observe the effect of elegant accent walls and bold accent colours, the play between rustic and modern styles, and the focus on simple elegance. Here’s another tour for more ideas - The Comfy Suburban Home You'll Covet.

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