A Reno That Injects Life Into A Once Dull Home

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This house situated in the fascinating Spanish city of Zaragoza was once an eyesore with a dilapidated terrace and dull interiors. But Zaragoza is a picturesque locale with beautiful architecture that showcases gothic, baroque and Arab influences – and a shabby, dingy house with outdated fittings certainly called for a chic transformation to match the charm of such a place! Thankfully, the interior architects at La Pacera Estudio were able to convert this drab and uninspiring abode into a trendy and vibrant home! Elegant materials, contemporary accents, and peppy hues have infused this revamped home with life and spirit.

Before: The terrace in disrepair

A terrace is an ideal place for relaxation but when the terrace looks like this, who will ever want to set foot in it! A dirty floor, broken tiles, peeling walls, an ineffective and unattractive balustrade, and flowerpots that did nothing to beautify the terrace – it was a shabby place indeed. A major makeover was needed to make this neglected area suitable for enjoyment.

Before: Renovation underway

Viewing the terrace during renovation, we note that the floor and boundary wall are being completely changed – we cannot wait to see the new look!

After: A glorious affair of wood and glass

What a dramatic makeover! We love this stylish décor that teams wood and glass, and the rustic table and chairs fully contribute to the charm of the area. The rich brown hues of the planks exude warmth while the large glass windows look modern and sophisticated. The windows also ensure that the owners can enjoy plentiful sunlight on a cold day while sitting in the warm comfort of the enclosure. On a rainy day, what fun to sit within the protection of the glass enclosure and watch the rain fall all around! The trendy wooden fence is creatively designed with planks and, unlike the earlier fence, offers both privacy and security. The border of sparkling white pebbles is a brilliant touch that enhances the cozy and serene ambience of the terrace.

Before: An outdated, dingy kitchen

The white tiles on the backsplash were so passé! This was a very old-fashioned and drab kitchen with outdated fittings, exposed pipes, a dirty sink and unappealing cabinets and appliances. Anyone who cooked here would have surely wanted to leave the area quickly!

After: Sophistication rules

A colour palette of cool greys and whites and a variety of recessed lights create an elegant ambiance now indeed! Add to that the amazingly trendy idea of a sliding glass door together with the linear, functional appearance of the cabinets, sleek appliances and fittings – and here you have the ideal contemporary kitchen! The maroon countertop lends a lovely, bold splash of colour and adds character to the area.

Before: The dismal bathroom

The first word that comes to mind on seeing this bathroom is – yikes! The light blue wall, the white tiles, the shelves, the sanitary wares and their terrible placement – everything looks so miserable, old-fashioned and completely cramped that it makes us cringe!

After: Pristine elegance

Wow! What a transformation! We love the modern, stylish sanitary wares, the glass-encased shower cubicle and the space-saving wall shelves for toiletries! A particularly big thumbs-up to the curved, trendy design of the washbasin and to the very unusual and vibrant purple countertop that jazzes up the pristine splendour of this gorgeous bathroom dramatically! This is a beautiful example of how even a small bathroom can be a pleasure to behold.

Before: A child’s room or a storeroom?

This looks more like a drab and cluttered storeroom than a lively child’s room! The unfashionable pink walls and the dull furniture placed haphazardly in the room are totally unsuitable for a child-friendly space.

After: A vibrant ambiance for the child

This is more like it! The lively yellow walls and yellow drawers in the bed bring instant energy to the child’s room and, teamed with white, the effect is refreshing and fun. The grey floor balances the bright colours with a touch of sobriety. The drawers in the bed and the floating shelf are smart space-saving techniques, as is the plank over the headboard that serves as a desk. We can imagine the shelf and the desk being beautifully decorated with colourful books, games and stationery.

The interior architects converted a dismal and shabby house to a stylish and trendy home replete with classy designs, sophisticated fittings and dramatic touches. Space-saving techniques have been used optimally without any compromise on elegance and style! For more ideas, check out another makeover story - The Inspiring Renovation of a Tiny Apartment.

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