The Budget-Friendly Prefab Eco-Home

Leigh Leigh
DublDom2.65 in the ecopark YasnoPole BIO - architectural Bureau of Ivan Ovchinnikov
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Today, we are going to visit Russia where design professionals, Bio Architects, built a home that is eco-friendly, modern, prefabricated, functional and comfortable all at the same time.

As the architects explain, their task was to create a home that integrated beautifully into the natural surrounds in a very short space of time. Thanks to modular technology and prefabrication, the house fashioned in a month and placed on the site in seven days. Located in Eco-park Yasnopole set DublDom, the house is the first example of the modular homes that will be built. The price tag: under $50,000.

As we explore the home, we will see how the designers have tried to ensure that the home opens up onto the environment as much as possible. There are also panoramic views of river and the fields that surround the home. 

The designers say: The layout of the house provides maximum exposure to nature and to spend time with friends in the living room or on the veranda.

Let's take a look!

The wooden structure

In this image, we can see how the home has been constructed with wood, creating a very warm and earthy facade. It integrates beautifully into the surrounds, looking natural and yet contemporary against the wild backdrop.

The home is a modern take on the traditional gable roof design, with open spaces and an abundance of glass windows, which allow the home to flow out onto the nature that surrounds it.

It also means that the home is packed with sunshine and fresh air!

Different materials

In this image, we can see how the designers have utilized glass, larch wood and corrugated iron for the facade of the home, which creates an eclectic, chic and stylish look and feel.

The back of the house opens up onto a little wooden platform, which serves as a terrace area where the family can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. A little roof extends over it too, keeping it sheltered from the sun or rain.

The corrugated iron bring in some darker tones to the facade, while insulating the home. It is also a budget-friendly material that can be made to look very sleek and stylish!

Open spaces

From this angle, we can see how the front of the house extends out onto a covered terrace area, with modern and comfortable furniture

This not only extends the living area, making the home that much bigger, but it also creates a space where the family can relax in comfort while surrounded by the beauty of the wilderness. 

There is even a lamp that hangs from the ceiling, ensuring that this area can be utilized in the evening too.

Have a look at these 9 fabulous and super smart terrace ideas for inspiration for your own home.

Light living areas

The designers have gone for a neutral colour palette throughout the home, creating an environment that is light and bright. Thanks to the abundance of glass used throughout the facade, plenty of sunshine streams in, reflecting off the white walls and wooden floors for a very warm and cozy effect.

In the dining room, we can see that the designers have gone for simple and lightweight furniture, which looks very sophisticated without taking away from the focal point – the view.

From the outside in

From this angle, we can see how the home is designed in an open plan, ensuring that the dining room and kitchen areas flow into one another. This creates a very social and interactive environment where the family can spend time with one another no matter where they are in the house.

It also means that when the chef is busy in the kitchen, the guests can chat to him or her while they relax at the dining room table. 

Don't you love how glass and wood interact with each other throughout the design?

The little loft

Next to the kitchen, there is a ladder that leads up to a little loft space. This is an area that can be used for a bedroom or an office space, maximizing vertical space.

This is a great design tip, especially if you do have limited floor space available to you or high ceilings. A whole new room can be created!

We can also see how skylights have been built into the roof of the home, adding to the natural light that flows through the interior spaces.

A cozy living room

The living room features some darker tones, which contrast beautifully with the light wooden floors and white walls. These tones work because of the amount of natural light in this space. 

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While this isn't a very large space, it is very comfortable and cozy thanks to the fireplace that has been added to the room. This is functional and stylish all at the same time!

Comfortable bedroom

The bedroom also features darker tones with grey linen and a charcoal coloured wall behind the bed. While the design of the bedroom is simple and minimalist, it is also very elegant!

The designers haven't added any fancy finishes to the spaces, keeping a rustic yet contemporary design throughout the home. Little lamps on the walls will be wonderful in the evening, providing this space with a soft, romantic glow. 

Tip: Add lanterns or lamps to your bedroom for functionality and trend.

A closer look at the terrace

In this image, we can see how beautiful the terrace at the front of the house truly is!

It has been furnished with very stylish and functional furniture including a hammock and an outdoor dining space. This creates a multi-functional space that can be used for relaxing with a book, dining under the stars or playing board games with the family.

Doesn't this wonderful wooden home seem more like a gorgeous holiday destination?

Could you picture yourself relaxing here?

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