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16 Very Special Kitchens To Inspire You

Leigh Leigh
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More and more people are opting for modern kitchens, especially in Canada where we love to entertain and socialize with friends and family. This is no coincidence! Modern kitchens are full of special character and charm and are equipped with convenient and sleek appliances. Who doesn't like cooking in a convenient and cozy space?

If you are rethinking the style of your kitchen then join us on a tour of 16 fabulous modern kitchens to inspire you.

1. Go for colour

modern kitchen with a striking plash of colour has a particularly stylish effect. As you can see in this project, red was chosen as the colour and has been implemented in the form of high bar stools and decorative elements. 

You don't need to overdo it – just a few touches here and there will convert your minimalist and modern kitchen into a very stylish and cozy kitchen.

2. Pastel shades

Instead of a striking colour, you could also opt for pastel shades. These tones make for a relaxing and warm atmosphere in any home and you can be pretty generous with these shades too.

As you can see in this project, green pastel tones have been chosen for the kitchen design. The wooden bar stools and white finishes make for a harmonious overall look and feel.

3. A touch of grey

The colour grey is perfect for a modern kitchen as it gives it a very minimalist and uncluttered look and feel.

Combining the grey shades with other colours creates a very impressive look and feel! Don't you love how these design professionals have brought in an olive green tone in the form of the kitchen island?

4. The small kitchen

These designers made the most of a small space. The kitchen cabinets and shelves are conveniently spaced out and there is even a breakfast bar for that morning cup of coffee before rushing to work!

Although there is not that much room, there are still plenty of surfaces for preparing and cooking delicious meals. 

What is also striking in this project is the colour. The orange brings in a very warm and inviting atmosphere and shows us that a small kitchen doesn't have to be boring.

5. Keep it simple

If you don't like too many decorations or bells and whistles, then this is the kitchen for you.

This modern kitchen has a very clean look and feel, which means that you don't need too many decorative elements int his space. In contrast, you can use functional elements such as the chairs to bring in a bit of colour and style.

6. Colour combinations

Colour combinations are wonderful, if done correctly. Black is always a good colour to pair another colour with and it works very well in a modern kitchen. Black paired with white or with wooden features makes for a stylish look.

Have a look at these 10 fabulous black and white kitchens for inspiration.

7. The mini-kitchen

If your kitchen is small, don't panic. Even in a very small space, you can create a very practical and stylish kitchen.

What is more important is that the kitchen is divided optimally so consult a kitchen planner or designer – it couldn't hurt!

Make sure that there are enough cupboards so that the kitchen does not end up looking too cluttered. Keep it simple too, keeping only the most functional of items out on display.

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

8. The rustic kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, a modern kitchen can also include some rustic elements. As you can see in this kitchen, stone has been included. This works in harmony with the rustic wooden features and the contemporary design.

The result is a very cozy atmosphere!

9. Make it personal

An interior style is not complete without a personal touch. As you can see in this modern kitchen, several elements were chosen because they give that personal touch to the space. These include the funky bar stools, the cheerful wallpaper and the wooden elements.

10. The clean look

The greatest enemy of a modern kitchen is clutter. Therefore you need to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

You can also opt for a white kitchen combined with metal elements. The white will highlight the clean look and feel, while the metal will bring in some edge.

But watch out – you'll need to clean your white kitchen a lot more frequently!

11. The kitchen bar

If the dimensions of the space allow, a kitchen island or breakfast bar is very practical and it brings a cozy atmosphere to the space. This is a great casual meeting spot for the family too!

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure.

12. All in one

Often, the kitchen opens up into the rest of the home, which doesn't have to be a problem. A kitchen looks very modern and sleek if it spills over into the living space, as we can see in this image.

We can also see how a kitchen island has doubled up as a dining room table, while forming the division between the living room and the kitchen.

13. A tight interior

A modern kitchen is often decorated in a minimalist style, with a table and some chairs or bar stools completing the picture. 

Don't worry about putting too much furniture in your kitchen however. This quickly makes the space look messy and crowded. You don't want a messy kitchen!

14. Original design

What is striking about any modern kitchen is the integration of unique or original designs.

As you can see in this kitchen, two special and funky lamps have been added to the space, which work in harmony with the striking red chairs. 

Not only do these look great, but they pinpoint the kitchen bar as the center of the kitchen. 

Just don't overdo the funky elements – subtle and simple go a long way!

15. A green touch

Do you love nature? Then bring nature into your home!

A number of green plants can be added to the kitchen, creating a lively atmosphere in the house. A modern kitchen therefore does not have to be plant free.

If you do go for plants, make sure you put them in the right place such as the window. Also choose colours that are going to highlight the space. 

16. All White

We conclude that a modern kitchen can be enhanced by opting for a sleek and white design.

In this project, we can see that the kitchen is made up of white kitchen cabinets, a white kitchen island and a white dining table. This ensures a clean and minimalist look and feel.

The striking lamps also brings a personal touch to the space. 

Which modern kitchen is your favorite?
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