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Grow Up: Create Your Own Vertical Garden

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Vertical gardens are ever versatile. They can go indoors, outdoors, in small gardens, or in huge gardens. They can be simple recycling projects or finely crafted wood work. They can hold all kinds of plants for wildly different looks, from orchids to grasses. Let's talk about how to create a vertical garden that works for your space! 

Vertical Layers

Believe it or not, you can make this wild wall out of pockets and socks! Collect some old pairs of socks and sew up the holes, and collect old pockets, cutting them out of their pants. When you have enough simply fasten them to your desired wall, close together, and fill with dirt and plants. Eventually, the plants will grow to cover the bottom fabric, creating one cohesive vertical garden.

Courtyard Style

Vertical gardens are especially useful in courtyards, where they're open to natural sun and water, but you don't want to throw down a spot of dirt to take up valuable space. This vertical garden is made out of traditional pots hung on a trellis system that hangs over the wall. It really makes the courtyard look full of life!  

Indoor Wonder

Office: Vertical Gardens and vegetable pictures homify Study/office

Office: Vertical Gardens and vegetable pictures


You can have a gardening professional install a vertical garden right into a wall in your home or office. While the wall look exotic and stylish, it also comes along with the calming sound of trickling water as the built-in watering system refreshes the plants. 

Ladder Style

For vertical gardens in small spaces consider using a ladder-like object to do the trick. This simple cloth organizer looks full and funky as a garden. 


Hanging Vintage Garden Tap Planter ELLA JAMES Garden Accessories & decoration

Hanging Vintage Garden Tap Planter


Anything that used to be a container can be re-purposed into the container part of the vertical garden. These old faucets bring a rustic kitchen charm to their yard. 

Tropical Garden

To get a tropical look for your vertical garden, ask your local joiner to make a vertical garden out of some rich cherry wood and ask for them to replicate this slatted style. Make sure there are rows of pots on the bottom, to add thick foliage beneath the orchids. 


The easiest plant to put into a vertical garden is a vine of course! They're already masters at growing upwards, and most need very little water, making them great choices for indoor vertical gardens. 


You can achieve a very orderly look with grass in a vertical garden. You'll want to plant most of the grass near the top, and let it grow long like green locks of hair. It adds a Savannah vibe to this home bar.  


If you have allergies or don't want to spend time maintaining your garden, try some artificial plants. This lovely collection of mosses, ferns, and flowers is completely fake, but still looks wonderful! 

Love the natural look? You'll find tons of inspiration in this cedar home that's full of natural light. 

Which of these vertical garden fits in with your home's style? 
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