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This Kitchen Reno Transforms The Entire House

Leigh Leigh
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Italian architect professionals are experts when it comes to creating new and innovative ways to transform small spaces.

In fact, as we explore this apartment, we will see how the designers came up with several different and innovative ways to completely redefine the style and design of the interiors. We will witness how different colours, tones, textures, furniture and even artwork contribute to a whole new look and feel.

What is so exciting about this is how many options exist, showing us just how easy it can be to redesign our own homes as well as how much fun it can be. We really can afford to get quite creative!

Let's take a look…

Before: Drab

Before the renovation, we can see that this home was very old-fashioned and drab with old white walls and dark wooden floors. There is nothing too exciting or entrancing about this home.

It also looks very small and constricted, with too many walls and divisions in the home. There is no natural flow or modern edge.

The old radiator on the wall is also an absolute no-no! It is very unattractive, outdated and visually unappealing.

Before: Dark halls

In this image, we can see that the abundance of walls and divisions in this space lead to a very dark and dingy look and feel, especially as we head down the hallway. This is further enhanced by the dark wooden floors and finishes. 

There is also a very unattractive air conditioning unit on the wall, which detracts from the home and its design. In modern times, there is a much better way to integrate a cooling system in your home, without installing such an eye sore.

After: Dark blue

In this mockup, we can see how the designers have modernized and enhanced the interior design completely.

The blue walls now complement the wooden floors and they have knocked down the wall between the kitchen and the living space, creating a much more cohesive flow between the rooms. This immediately makes the room look that much bigger!

In this version of the redesign, they've painted some of the walls a grey-blue colour, which brings in some charm and elegance. They've also added a touch of yellow in the form of funky lights that hang in the kitchen and in the living space.

The area is also far more multi-functional!

After: Pale blue

In this version of the redesign, we have the same multi-functional space but with lighter blue tones. This creates a slightly more serene and peaceful space, with purple now being the splash of colour that we see used for the lighting elements. 

In this image, we can also see how effective the white kitchen is in relation to the more vibrant living space, creating a very clean and hygienic looking space that is modern, minimalist and savvy. Some texture and patterns are introduced in the form of tiles between the bottom counters and top counters. 

White kitchens can sometimes make a small area look that much bigger as well as more appealing. Have a look at these 10 all white kitchens to see what we mean.

After: With some more natural elements

In this version of the redesign, we come across a very similar look and feel to the previous image, but the designers have added in lighter wooden finishes to bring a bit of a warmer, cozier and earthier touch to the interior design.

Wood is always a great material for a home so don't be afraid to go this route if you're a fan of the material. It brings a wonderfully homely look and feel to an interior design.

Here we also get a sense of what this space would look like with a less minimalist but more feminine approach. The counter tops feature pots of flowers and plants, while the artwork has been changed. This introduces some charm and character to the home and may be more your type of design.

After: A breakfast bar and library

This is the layout ultimately selected by the homeowners. We can also see how a bookshelf has been built into the wall to keep the home owners favorite books, magazines and even decor items on display. 

The desk area that we saw in the previous images has been replaced with a little breakfast bar, complete with some trendy bar stools. This is a great place for a more casual dining experience or a gathering spot for chats over coffee and tea.

While we can see that the air conditioner remains in tact in this image, it also integrates more conspicuously into the white walls and design.

After: The finished product

We leave you with an image of what the home looks like with some furniture featured in it throughout the living area so you really get a sense of what potential it holds.

In this version, with the pale blue colours, the breakfast bar and the wooden finishes, a dining room area with a wooden table and white chairs fits perfectly into the design. It also provides the family with a social dining area where they can make the most of the space available to them.

Here we can also see how little details, including the artwork, pot plants and even the table runners make for a very charming little home.

It's like chalk and cheese compared to the home that we saw in the first two images!

If you liked this ideabook, you'll love the wonderful transformation of a village house.

Which is your favorite version of the new home?

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