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The Past Meets The Future In This Renovation

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Historic Lisbon with its old school architecture and art nouveau building is where we are today for our before and after feature. We have visited this city to savour the makeover of a rundown apartment to a spiffy modern space. Obrasdecor, a group of interior designers and architects, has done a commendable job, renovating the old house and transforming it into a spanking new abode. While the house has been reconstructed and refurnished to give it a completely modern look, the old and traditional artistic elements have also been cleverly retained. Check out the “then and now” of this house to be able to truly appreciate its brilliant metamorphosis.

​Before: Lost Potential

This crumbling home consisted of old walls that were giving way to bricks even as its potential could be seen in the large windows and the tiles that lined the lower periphery of the space. In fact, to imagine oneself living in this space was a distant dream.

​Before: Partition Removal

The original house also had a wall, which worked as a partition in the room. However, the presence of this bulky wall made the space appear more cramped and hemmed in. To remove this design impediment, the architects have taken to the process of knocking down walls so that the design may seem more fluid and the space more open.

​After: Keeping the Old, Bringing in the New

Enter the bedroom and get pleasantly surprised to find  a classic bedding style with quilts and towels neatly arranged. The mirror behind the bed and the lamp hanging overhead add some interesting details to the room. If you notice the tiles on the lower wall, they have been kept intact and almost resemble a headboard.

​After: A Nod to the Old in the Bathroom

The bathroom keeps the artistic charm alive in parched paper-hued stone tiles and a wooden mat in the modern shower stall. The linear ingredients in this space make it one appetizing style dish!

​After: The Classic and the Exotic

The extra high ceiling of the common corridor has been retained along with the classic lattice work on the glass windows above the doors. The art work and an exotic rug add the much-needed colour to the white environs of this corridor.

​After: The Rustic Details

While the rest of the kitchen has been done up with smooth contemporary finishes and appliances, this corner retains a strong countryside touch, thanks to the vintage bucket and the old tiles that have been left to line the walls. This adds a picturesque angle to the windows as well.

​After: Myriad Shades of Grey in the Kitchen

The swanky kitchen with its natural looking finishes on the modern cabinets, along with a classic chandelier and ornate chairs sitting around the wooden table, is sure to mesmerize you.

​After: Charming Details

Although just a small corner in the house, the whimsical furniture and colorful touches offer a fascinating touch to this area. The vintage tiles also add to the style quotient. It won’t be surprising if, after moving in to this house, this is the first spot where you end up with a steaming cup of coffee and your favourite novel.

After: Artistic Edge

The red carpet catches your eye as soon as you enter the large and spacious living room, even as the art deco frames of the mirrors make for a breathtaking sight. The furniture and lamps are also inclined towards the artistic side of things and create quite a royal statement!

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