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Tucked into the forest is this beautiful wooden home outfitted with the pool and hot tub of your dreams. EM Architects have given this home a natural exterior that manages to harmonize with its surroundings while standing out to any onlooker's eyes. Yes, this home is the perfect place to relax, but you'd also get some work done beside the fireplace in the soothing study. Join us as we take a stroll through this wonderful forest home. 

Impressive Entrance

The home has been tucked up just behind a rolling hill. It's use of natural materials makes sense for the surroundings. We particularly love that stone has been used on the bottom to give support to the wooden paneling on top, this construction mimics the surrounding woods. 

Oval Office

It's not presidential, but it sure is unique. This office's curved construction creates an amazing sense of flow in the room. The shelving provides for amazing storage, along with a corner for a warm fireplace. The huge windows allow for some natural light to shine through--but not directly, which is frustrating on the eyes when you're trying to look at a laptop screen. 

Bathroom of Basics

There's a simplicity to this space that fans of minimalism will love. The modern combination of white and wood never fails to make a bright, yet warm, bathroom, which is just the balance you want to have a comfortable space. There's no handles on the drawers to distract from the simplicity of the room and the raised oval basin feels in tune with the other curved spaces in the home. 

Green Retreat

This perfectly round hot tub is sheltered in a green alcove, reminding us of all of the rounded rooms throughout the home and of Roman bathhouses, another imperial touch. The foamy depths look absolutely blissful and certainly large enough for company to enjoy with you. 


The home's pool is covered in the same cobblestones that line the bottom of the house, providing for a unique under-water texture and a fun wall to pair with another circular element, the far window. Larger windows all long the front show off the home's amazing view and introduces the wood elements of the home into the space. 

If you're inspired by this pool with a view, you'll find this floating home even more incredible. 

Pool Exterior

This is that same huge pool window, seen from the outside! It's an extension of the home's basement, which must be massive considering how far away we are from the home! Speaking of which, from the rear the home looks more classic than natural, with the bright white walls and long patio. 

This island home has a similar combination of white, wood, and stone that looks just as wonderful! 

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