​A Decaying Heritage Home Restored To Modern Glory

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It is said that time is the great equalizer. Proud buildings decay, intricate structures warp and rust and, with architectural styles constantly changing, prime residences fall prey to disuse and decay. The two options that stand before these neglected buildings are either demolition or renovation. Fortunately for this derelict farmhouse in the scenic old commune of Noisy-le-Roi in the Île-de-France region of north-central France, architects from Oliver Stadler Architecte gallantly came to the rescue and saved it from the demolition squad! Renovating an old building in accordance with its heritage in the environment of a historical town replete with fertile farmland, lush vegetation and a stunning landscape can be a daunting task but the expert team of architects has surpassed expectations with a glorious transformation of this decrepit building. Come, let’s explore!

​Before: An Eerie Appearance

At first glance, this looks more like a haunted house than a farmhouse! The rundown appearance of the façade is evidence of disuse and neglect.

After: A Charming Abode

Can this be the same house?! We can scarcely believe our eyes at the transformation – what an unbelievably classy renovation within the existing structure. The path through the landscaped garden leads us to a contemporary and stylish home that will surely be filled with the natural light given the generous number of glass sliding doors and skylights.

After: Elegance And Convenience

The white and grey colour palette is a classic combination that radiates cool elegance. The plants add a lovely splash of colour and freshness to the ambience. The ease of access from the driveway to the house via the side staircase is a glimpse of the modern functionality that defines this stylish home.

​After: The Modern Staircase

The first contemporary element that we see inside this restored heritage house is the concrete staircase. The polished grey steps with black trim are a striking contrast to the white base. The recessed lights dotting the wall as we ascend to the upper floor are another refreshingly modern and trendy feature.

​After: A Modest Library

The rustic look of the floor goes well with the modern white colour theme that predominates in the living area. With the simple timber-toned bookshelves that make up the library, the brown beams on the ceiling and the monochromatic rug on the floor, the area exudes stylish rusticity and functionality, livened up by accent features like the ochre chair.

After: Bright And Cosy Living Area

The contemporary grey sofa looks elegant and comfortable against the white walls that are rendered even brighter by the abundance of natural light pouring in through the many large windows. The brown beams are a striking accent feature throughout this fashionable home and harmonize with the under-stated rustic ambience. The wooden dining table also strikes a rustic note while its stylish chairs add a dash of glamour.

​After: Spacious And Functional Kitchen

The kitchen with its informal breakfast area and black and chrome bar stools are a contemporary beauty fitted with sleek furniture and recessed lights. The predominantly grey colour theme combines with natural wooden furniture for a stylish look. The three black lamps hanging overhead add a dollop of pizzazz to an otherwise subtle space.

​After: Vibrant Room For the Kids

White is indeed an ideal colour to make a small space look bigger. Enlivened by the vibrant carpet and colourful toys and accessories, and beautifully lit up by the natural light from the skylight, this loft is the perfect space for children. The unique design of the closets and the built-in shelves shows that all the available space has been utilized optimally. 

Oliver Stadler Architecte have done a commendable job of restoration within the existing structure of the dilapidated old farmhouse. The contemporary elements and new features harmonize beautifully with the historicity of this rejuvenated, classy and comfortable home. Check out another before and after story for more ideas - This Apartment Makeover Is Sure To Charm You!

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