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Opera s.r.l. Country style bedroom
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Often reserved for holding the bulk of the home's clutter, the attic of the house is actually an ideal space for a bedroom to take shape, with the warmth and coziness inherent in the wooden beams and lowered ceilings of the attic space. These typical features of an attic thus become the main ingredients that characterize an attic bedroom, the base upon which these following five bedrooms have been conceived, each adding its own personality and style through the use of varied layouts and materials. 

Most of these lofted areas adopt a modern atmosphere, a clean and minimal space in which the bed – the protagonist of the sleeping area – becomes the element that commands attention. These designs also use layouts and materials to complement the rich, warm textures of their wooden infrastructure, placing a heavy emphasis on the natural warmth that wood has to offer. These designs turn a forgotten attic space into a comforting sleeping space that strongly suggest the moods of relaxation and restfulness through their design.

Here's a small recap of the 5 most beautiful attic bedrooms on homify – perhaps you'll be inspired to look at your own attic in a new way!

1. The one-room wonder

Never doubt what you can accomplish in an attic space – it's not fair to call this one a bedroom, because it's actually an entire one-room apartment under an attic roof!  Not only is the sturdy white open-concept tub a highly unexpected feature in an attic, but the architects at Opera s.r.l. have inserted a unique round bed as well! In this beautiful room lined with bricks and various shades of wooden beams, there exists a perfect union linking rustic attic space with modern and stylish living space. The biggest perk? By adopting an open-concept layout, these designers were able to fit an entire apartment into this attic – with extra space to boot!

The round bed in this attic bedroom is enough to make anyone look twice – if you're thinking of upgrading to a more eye-catching bed, have a look at this ideabook displaying 8 highly stylish beds!

2. A romantic attic room

Attics call to mind cardboard boxes, old books, and cobwebs. This attic, in contrast, calls to mind a romantic fairytale!  The subtle differences in the shades wood present in the floor and ceiling appear to blend perfectly into a hazy, warm background as soft light floods the room through both a skylight window and a floor light that brings illumination from the living space below. A sense of separation between the sleeping area and the rest of the room has been created with the installation of a gauzy curtain that brings a romantic, dreamy feeling to the room. This breezy curtain combines perfectly with the linens on the bed, reflecting their gray, iridescent pearl tones. This grey theme draws your gaze to the small detail in natural stone that's been revealed on the wall behind the headboard, marking the rustic and traditional flavor of the room.

3. The attic bedroom that doesn't look like an attic bedroom

Not all attics have peaked roofs! This rustic bedroom doesn't even appear to be located in an attic, as it rests under a flat, wood-paneled ceiling. And that's not the only feature dressed in wood – the entire room is covered in it, with old oak wood panels forming the backdrop in which these designs have made sharp cuts to illuminate the room, as if recreating a prism of light. This attic bedroom, nestled above a country-themed living space, carries this rustic tone through in its cool, faded tones, vintage furniture, and old-fashioned lamps.

4. Cinderella's bedroom

There's something in this chic attic bedroom that says Cinderella, drawing upon the soft blues, pastel palette, silver-grey ceiling, and dainty furniture (in fact, an attic bedroom was often a space reserved for housing the serving staff; it's no small wonder that this space is Cinderella-esque in nature). 

Both functional and aesthetically appealing: this bedroom is a perfect blend of convenience and pleasantness. The pastel shades present throughout open a dialogue between the ceiling beams and furnishings, for a sense of balance and serenity in this restful, pleasant space. A workspace, closet, and covered chair make sure that the space is highly practical as well. The overall style lies somewhere between classic and shabby, infusing a slight fairytale romance in this attic sleeping area.

Love the way this chair sings in perfect harmony with this chic bedroom? Get tips for adding seating to your bedroom in this ideabook.

5. Infused with energy

The walls, floor, and the ceiling portions of this bright attic bedroom create a highly reflective white surface that allows plenty of energetic light to reverberate through the space. If that weren't enough, the yellow-stained diagonal beams draw bold slanting lines that bring a strong sense of direction and movement to this bedroom! While most attic spaces don't enjoy quite as much height as this lofty example, it's a fact that this well-designed bedroom does everything it can to take full advantage of this high-ceilinged and high-energy space, with a table, chairs, and large floor area for working and playing among the motion and bright vividness of this attic room.

What do you think of these attic bedrooms? Share your thoughts below!

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