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A private retreat close to nature. A stylish space where every detail is considered. A thoughtfully designed home with only what is needed. Sound appealing?

Today we have a house that ticks all the boxes, but it does it in a way that might surprise you.

It’s a tiny house. In fact, this entire house is constructed out of a single shipping container.

As the tiny house movement has gained momentum, more and more people are re-evaluating what they’re looking for in their homes. However, tiny often comes with thoughts of sacrifice. Less space means less stuff—appealing—but it may also mean less style.

That is not the case at all with this beautiful Brazilian home. Designed by Christina Menezes Arquitetura this container home has style—if not space—to spare.

Wood makes this house wonderfully warm

Wood paneling stained a rich warm brown clads the floors, walls and ceiling on the inside of the container. The consistent surfaces create flow throughout the home, visually eliminating any barriers. On the rear wall, some strips of paneling are recessed while other advance. The effect appears sculptural and adds an interesting texture to the walls.

What you see is what you get

From the outside looking in, every room is visible in a single glance. A glass wall stretches across the front of the container from one end to the other. The glass visually expands the space, connects the inside to the out and during the day floods the rooms with beautiful sunlight.

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Herb garden dresses up compact kitchen

The kitchen is located at one end of the structure. The home's history as a container is obvious due to the designer's decision to leave the original doors in place.

Against this backdrop, the designers created a compact, functional, beautiful kitchen. They placed a premium on style, allocating precious space to a vertical herb garden along with incorporating the basics like a sink, cooktop and storage. Despite its small size a dining table and sinuous wood chairs provide space for four—or maybe more—to dine very comfortably.

Flexible furniture choices in the living room

As we proceed through the container, we come to the living room. A low profile, clean lined wood bench offers ample seating. Cubbies built in to the underside of the bench provide smart storage.

Stools are a great furniture choice, no matter the size of your home. They can serve as seats or tables and can easily be moved around, depending on your needs. The three stools in this living room are perfectly scaled for the home. Their airy, open bases don’t add clutter or disrupt the flow of the room.

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Artistic accessories up the style factor

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated. At one end of the living room, the designers installed a full height piece of art featuring a life size Amerindian. Mounted on glass and lit from above, the piece is a stunning focal point.

Along with this large scale piece, the designers didn’t shy away from incorporating more artwork. Framed photographs are hung on the wood-paneled wall and several sculptures are carefully placed around the room.

Combined with artistic furniture choices, the effect is a one-of-a-kind home filled with personalized style.

Generous bathroom with luxurious finishes

Set in the centre of the container, a three-piece bathroom shows that you can still have luxury within a compact area. The shower, complete with a rain head shower head, is surprisingly generous given the home's overall dimensions.

The designers chose a square motif for the shower head, taps, faucet and towel rack. The shiny chrome metal contrasts beautifully with the warm wood. Tile or other finishes would have served to visually separate the bathroom from the rest of of the house. By continuing the wood walls, ceiling and floors, the designers connect the bathroom to the overall house and as a result it appears larger.

Space-saving glass walls

Rather than wasting space on 2x4s and traditionally constructed walls, the designers chose to use glass and mirrors even on the bathroom. In fact, the glass-mounted mural from the living room is double-sided and actually forms one wall of the bathroom. Blinds provide privacy when needed.

Unusually, the sink is set outside of the main bathroom area, allowing for easy access and multiple users. The smooth curves of the monolithic sink contrast with the dramatic square pipes and faucet.

A cozy bedroom with all the essentials

On the other side of the bathroom, we reach the bedroom and the end of the container. Mirrored and glass walls visually expand the space. Nightstands—often omitted in small bedrooms—provide storage on either side of the bed.

At the foot of the bed, the full wall of windows opens to the beautiful view of the Brazilian landscape.

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Outdoor living areas expand this tiny home

The designers employed numerous techniques to visually expand the home, from the glass walls, to the consistent wall, floor and ceiling treatments, to small-scale furniture. However, they also literally expanded the home through outdoor living areas. A rooftop balcony, stone patio and wood deck more than double the living space.

Careful consideration of every detail makes this tiny house an eminently livable and beautiful space.

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Have you ever considered living in a tiny house? What do you like best about this container home?

Have you ever considered living in a tiny house? What do you like best about this container home?

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