15 Simple Home DIY Projects

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These projects will be useful to you no matter where you are: in the country, in the garden and around the house! Great for people who like to do things with their own two hands, these projects have the capacity to save money in creative ways that are fun, with the finished result being something that you can enjoy each and every time you walk past it. 

1. Bench with table

Here's a project that's well-suited to the most practical and outdoorsy of homeowners – with your own hands, you can create a stylish bench for eight to ten people. The brick module in the center of these seated arrangement can be used as a grill or as a table, depending on what the occasion calls for, by removing the temporary wooden plank that covers the brick base (revealing a grill underneath). This construction will work best in a flat location with enough distance from the main home to be considered fire-safe!

2. Hanger made of plywood

Looking for more storage space? This convenient hanger made of painted plywood will help relieve any cottage, garden shed, or garage from its overwhelming floor clutter. In a bedroom, you can use this design to hang hats and scarves, or in the kitchen you could install a board like this for keys and umbrellas. For something so simple as a piece of plywood with holes drilled in it, a design like this is ingenious in its simplicity, offering convenient storage no matter where you hang it.

3. Coat hanger made of sticks

Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living roomLighting
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

Whether you're looking for a simple Christmas tree to celebrate the holidays, or for a convenient coat stand for holding your guests' jackets, you can whip up this design in a matter of an hour or two. This tripod uses the oldest of design structures to create a unique teepee-shaped decoration using little more than a few sticks and a string of lights, which can be secured with twine, staples, nails (and you very well might think of another way to do it!).

4. Pillows made from fabric remnants

Trailing Flower Cushion Occipinti BedroomTextiles

Trailing Flower Cushion


If you have leftover fabric (or if you've got some sheets, curtains, or other linens that are looking at retirement), you can buy an inexpensive pillow and sew a pillowcase from your fabric remnants to cover it! Due to low budget of the project, you've no need to be hesitant to use these homemade pillows in the garden, on the grass, on the bench, or even as bedding for your pet! Perhaps the best aspect of this project is the way that your pillows will each have their unique stories to tell, acting as reminders of the projects and decorations that came before them!

5. Paper diamond garlands

Crafts made of paper are by far the easiest and cheapest opportunity for realizing your creative ambitions! These diamonds are very simple – just cut triangles with little flaps or tabs, which you can then bend and attach to each other! You can always find a single cut pattern on the internet, as well. 

6. Macrame suspended pots

MACRAME PLANT HANGER DOUBLE iDecorate Ltd Garden Plant pots & vases
iDecorate Ltd


iDecorate Ltd

If you have already mastered the technique of macramé, making one of these suspended pot hangers has surely crossed your mind once or twice! Macramé is fairly easy to learn and involves only patience, directions, and a bit of thick twine or hemp. Learn something new and make a unique decorative piece (or gift!) in the process. These look especially attractive when hung in clusters of odd numbers, creating a feeling of abundant plant life in your home!

7. Green wall of recycled bottles

A stylish wall of plastic bottles looks especially beautiful in the country, but these design can be accomplished in a sunny interior as well! By painting the bottle caps in coordinating colours, you can bring an element of artistry to this design, but the real value of this project is found in all the fresh herbs you'll enjoy!

8. False fireplace

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill Drummonds Bathrooms BathroomBathtubs & showers
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummond's Case Study: London Townhouse, Notting Hill

Drummonds Bathrooms

Having a hearty fireplace doesn't require having a chimney – you can build a false fireplace to add instant charm, warmth, and historical ambience to any room. All this can be done by hand and then painted in white like this example, emphasizing the modern and decorative character of this false fireplace.  Replace logs and flames with an array of candlesticks, and you'll see be able to enjoy the warmth and light of a fireplace without all of the soot (and chimney maintenance!). This creative example has been done in the most unexpected of places – the bathroom!

9. Stools and tables made of boxes

Simple stools and tables can be made of wooden boxes, pallets, or crates – leave them with their original raw textures, or paint them to match the theme of your rooms.

10. Painted pots

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ferm LIVING Image Photos


So often, it's the simplest, most time-tested ideas that really shine through – there's a reason that so many people are doing it! Simply paint your pots – it takes a matter of minutes, and dries within hours. This is a great project for involving children as well!

11. Patchwork quilt

A stack of Finest Harris Tweed quilts Quilts by Lisa Watson BedroomTextiles
Quilts by Lisa Watson

A stack of Finest Harris Tweed quilts

Quilts by Lisa Watson

There's no question – patchwork and quilted designs are coming into the spotlight in full swing this fall season. Feeling ambitious? Learn to created your own patchwork design – you don't have to undertake an entire quilt, instead opting for a smaller wall hanging or pillow case in order to try your skills first.

12. Make prints on fabric

Swallow collection of homewares homify Dining roomCrockery & glassware Cotton Blue

Swallow collection of homewares


For making your own prints on the fabric, you can do it yourself with a brush and a special fabric paint. This project offers endless possibilities for truly nailing your home decor, creating designs that are custom, perfect matches for your home's style and your own artistic vision.

13. Decorate the walls with stencil paintings

Folk Pixers Country style bedroom Multicolored

Think you need to be a practiced artist in order to paint your own walls? Think again. Stencils lessen the chances of ending up with something you don't like, creating smoother contours, straighter lines, and even compositions – the best part? You can make them yourself from cardboard! This looks especially stunning in a bedroom as a substitute for a headboard.

For more inspiration for decorating your walls, have a look at this ideabook with 10 ideas for dressing up your walls!

14. Paint old furniture

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan www.anniesloan.com Annie Sloan
Annie Sloan

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan www.anniesloan.com

Annie Sloan

Simple and stunning! Grab some paint, and give that old furniture a touch of playfulness and modernity with a fresh, bright coat of paint! This will instantly transform old, tired pieces into fun conversation points that blend a vintage look with modern appeal.

15. Glue on colored stickers

You can find stickers for walls, stickers that look like tiles, stickers for your dresser, stickers for pretty much anything. This example shows what you can do with some stick-on coloured paper – even a randomly applied color scheme looks great!

Working on DIYing a small space? Have a look at these Smart Simple Ways to Furnish a Small Apartment.

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