The Suburban Home That's Sexy And Space-Savvy

Leigh Leigh
PAWEL LIS ARCHITEKCI Modern houses Glass
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Today, we are going to visit Poland where we come across a very stylish design that is cool as a cucumber while still being incredibly warm and cozy.

Design professionals Pawel Lis Architects, have built a gorgeous 3,200 square foot  (300 square meter) home that is modern, minimalist and cutting-edge. 

As we explore this home from the outside in, we will see just what it takes to make a home sleek and sexy. We will also see how comfort and modernity collide.

Are you ready to take a peek?

The incredible home

From the outside, we can see just how grand, elegant and sophisticated the home is.

The facade expands over several stories, in the shape of a large block. The large glass windows create a very edgy look and feel, while allowing a wonderful transition between the interior and exterior spaces. The glass contrasts beautifully with the white facade and the black finishes. 

The entrance to the home is very sophisticated and modern with its granite pillars. This material is wonderful for a home as it is durable but also very cutting-edge.

The green grass and trees add a touch of greenery to the ambiance. 

Interior delight

If we head inside the home, we come across the light wooden floors and wooden stairs. This contrasts beautifully with the dark, grey tiles and white walls.

This neutral colour palette is very classic and sets the tone for a beautiful and warm interior design. Paired with some stylish furniture and the natural light that flows into the home, we are left with a very bright, spacious and expansive living space. 

We can also see in this minimalist environment how functional features double up as design elements. The staircase is a prime example, introducing a gorgeous dynamic to this space.

A touch of glass

The designers have used glass to separate the rooms in the house – a very sexy and savvy design trick!

This ensures that the rooms are still connected to one another and the natural light flows through the spaces, while subtly separating them.

In modern homes, it's much better to divide rooms without using brick walls. Brick walls can disrupt the flow of the home and make spaces feel smaller and more constricted.

Have a look at these other ways to separate your room without building walls.

The silver handle

In this image, we get a glimpse of the very sleek silver handle that rests on the glass door. This is proof that it's the small details that can make the biggest difference, especially in a minimalist design.

If we look around this seemingly bare space a bit more, we can see that the railings on the staircase also add a beautiful final touch to the design.

If you wanted to add a bit of charm and personality to a space like this, you could add a charming artwork to the wall, which speaks to who you are or a pot plant to the hallway.

Different dimesntions

In this image, we can see how the designers have played with spatial planes, creating different levels throughout the home. This is very effective, chic and stylish. 

We can also see how the large glass windows and doors open up onto a terrace, which features stone cladding. This introduction of natural and earthy materials throughout the design makes for a very appealing design.

The bathroom

We end off our tour in the bathroom, which looks like a little cocoon.

The designers have gone for charcoal grey tiling throughout the space, which introduces dark tones into the environment. This is pulled off because of the strategic lighting used throughout the bathroom space.

The designers have added a mirror to the wall, which visually expands the room, adding depth to it. This works in harmony with the very modern features used throughout. 

This home is simply flawless in its design execution.

If you like this home, you'll love this cutting-edge home that is reborn.

What is your favorite part of this sleek home?

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