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5 Pools Perfectly Transformed

Leigh Leigh
Vicente Galve Studio Patios & Decks
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To freshen up a little bit as well as deal with the high temperatures that affect us in summer, we are going to visit five terraces today that have been transformed for greater enjoyment, into escapes that the family can relax in.

These terraces all have a very special feature in common: they have a swimming pool! Some of these pools are made up of very generous proportions while others are just small hot tub. However they are all ideal for a cooling dip in private.

Ready to start the tour? Let's go!

1. Before: Abandoned and dirty

The first terrace that we visit belongs to a huge house in Spain. This area is supposed to be a fun and entertaining space, yet it hasn't been used in quite some time so now it is abandoned and dirty.

The pool had not been maintained in a long time and the vegetation has invaded the yard. It looks very wild and unkempt. 

An opaque and dirty floor makes for a very unattractive design, which is further hampered by the horrible fence.

A transformation was in desperate need… yet, what a challenge!

After: a tidy and sparkling pool!

The renovation of the terrace has led to an open, clean and tidy area.

The floor before featured dirty and uneven tiles, which has been completely transformed thanks to the synthetic grass that now surrounds the swimming pool. This gives a splash of colour to the space, while preventing moisture for collecting and people slipping and falling while they make the most of this area.

The invasive and disorderly vegetation has been maintained, while the white river stones have been added to the space to create a very trendy and elegant design.

The fence around the swimming pool has also been renewed, while the tiles have been repainted. This space now looks very clean, modern and inviting!

What's more is that these changes did not require a big budget, but rather some well-defined planning and a bit of effort.

2. Before: neglected but promising

Now we come across a very promising terrace that belongs to an old Spanish house that was built in the seventies. The space was large with a high pool, surrounded by stone and an expansive garden, trees, plants, flowers and some tropical vegetation. The only problem was how neglected this space was and the lack of maintenance. 

After: Ideal for summer!

The change is dazzling! Starting with the terrace, the entire space has been completely renovated and looks absolutely fantastic as well as far more organized.

The terrace, which is at a level above the rest of the yard and garden, now features a beautiful stone facade while the lower deck was removed. A new wooden structure was built for shelter and shade, while the position of the terrace on the slop allows for the wind to flow through it

The floor that once featured damaged cement is now covered in earthy brown tiles while a small rectangle stone wall creates a boundary. The space is now clean from invasive vegetation and the lawn is neatly manicured.

This is quite a change, it's fabulous and beautiful!

3. Before: a small terrace without a pool

In this image, we come across the site of the transformation. Despite not having too many square meters to work with, the distribution was very good with great potential for improvement.

The vegetation was well maintained along with the facilities and in this image, we can see that in general the area was in good condition. However, something a little bit more refreshing was needed for those hot afternoons…

After: a patio with a stunning pool!

The transformation included removing a small building that was in the corner of the garden, creating an open space so that a pool of 5 by 3 meters could be built. The design is quite simple and therefore very practical. The green space is for games, while the rest of the space has been left free. 

The pool was built right on the edge of the property, leaving only a linear flower bed with gorgeous little plants surrounding the space. The wall around the flower bed has been built with grey stone, which adds a freshness and colour to the design. Around the swimming pools, there is a series of white tiles that give the space an elegant and natural touch.

Have a look at these tips: what to know before building a swimming pool.

4. Before: messy and unused

This terrace is narrow and enclosed. The potential of this space simply isn't being enjoyed!

There is also no colour or design scheme, with all of the features piled up without any rhyme or reason. This dirty old tub is also not very inviting…

After: neat, simple and ready to enjoy!

To reflect the light and the freshness, there is nothing better than white!

The long area was exploited to create a space that is multi-functional, while the old tub was transformed into a gorgeous hot tub that is perfect for summer evenings.

Along the perimeter of the fence, an attractive white steel structure has been installed, which enhances the natural colour and tones of the stone wall.

The grill area is now located next to the hot tub, where the beautiful white wooden flowerpots have been placed in strategic locations to brighten the landscape. A white wooden bench and a couple of chairs invite you to spend the afternoon in this space while enjoying a refreshing lemonade in the cool breeze.

Now this is a terrace that inspires!

5. Before and after: from tradition to modern!

This large patio with a pool is located in a huge mansion in Spain, which was in substantially good condition and featured a play area, a terrace, a large pool and trees surrounding the space. However, a make-over was needed to make this space a bit more well-maintained and inspiring.

The covered terrace was repainted a darker colour, with the roof tiles replaces. Some gorgeous outdoor furniture has also been placed in this spot for comfort and style while the grill has been restored.

The look and feel of the space has completely changed, where the ugly and discoloured ceramic tiles have been replaced with a sleek wooden deck. 

Now this is a space where you want to spend your afternoons!

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Which transformation did you find the most dramatic?
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