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Living room: Nine Daring Decor Ideas

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If you want to make a big statement in your living room you need to make some daring decisions. Big design changes can be intimidating, but you'll be glad you tried them when your living room wows you and your guests. These nine living rooms offer nine different decor ideas that can achieve that wow and banish that plain feeling from your space forever. Some of these decisions are best made under the guidance of an interior designer who can help plan out the details with you and make sure that the overall concept works.Yet, some of these decor ideas are simpler and give you room to adapt slowly if you're not sure this daring design is really for you. Okay, let's get to the rooms!  

1. Partial Stone Wall

There's a bonus fireplace in this partial stone wall that has double-sided glass, so you can enjoy the fireside from the dining room as well. Partial walls create a feeling of intimacy in the space, without reducing the size of the room too much. The stone feels rustic, while the double glass is distinctly modern, so a home with either of these styles can incorporate this feature easily. 

2. A Favourite Colour

This is a change that you can make slowly, feeling out exactly how much emphasis on the colour feels right to you. To make this look dramatic its essential that you have coloured furniture, so we suggest that you start there. You can build up a collection of coloured accents over time, just makes sure you're choosing a wide range of shades of your colour. 

3. Brighter and Bolder

It's quite rare to see a white floor, wall, and ceiling, but this creates the perfect conditions for some truly bold colour. Careful here, you'll need another neutral, in this case its brown, to soften the look of the single bright shade. Otherwise this room might hurt your eyes! 

4. Funky Furniture

One sure way to make a statement in the living room is to get one-of-a-kind furniture. The stranger the look, the more wild your living room will seem. You can find plenty of wild furniture pieces in our gallery here

5. The Natural

Yes, many living rooms have some kind of natural influence in materials or colours, but not many dedicate themselves completely to the style. Note the round shapes everywhere in this space, the completely neutral or green palette, and the interesting plant life. This is one unique and calming atmosphere.  

6. Tons of Texture

A mishmash pf textures is sure to create an enticing living room. Consider soft options for the furniture, including fur pillows and knitted blankets. Rougher textures are great for walls (especially stone) table legs, fireplace mantles, and accessories. It's best to keep this kind of room in one or two neutral tones. 

7. Wild Walls

The wall on the left of this room is made to looks like stacked suitcases! This kind of eccentric wall is perfect for the world traveler, but other themes could be used instead, depending on your taste. For example, in this idea book you'll find a wall covered in a gorgeous forest mural. 

8. Romance

Fans of Paris and romance will love this room, because it reminds us of fields of lavender. Not a single choice here is usual, from the wall mural, the lit ceiling, the violet velvet furniture, to the dreamy lighting fixtures. 

9. Dark and Luxurious

Making a room dark can be a real challenge, because you don't want it to feel small as a result. But if you can pull off this look it creates a luxurious atmosphere that you can't help but relax in. Dark wood and dark leather are a great place to start, while adding black rimmed mirrors can amplify light while not detracting from the dark colour scheme. 

If you're looking for more dramatic designs you can't go wrong with a floating staircase

Which of these living rooms was the most dramatic? Let us know in the comments. 
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