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The interior designers and decorators from Juno Design gifted a new and vivacious life to this forlorn home. This old house, which originally had a dark and depressing aura, has received a completed makeover in the form of a brilliant and stylish design and some elegant lighting and furnishing. The brand of everyday sophistication runs through the space with understated good looks and high end renditions of textures and elements. All this ushers in a powerful transformation. Take this before and after tour to know more!

​Before: Unimpressive entrance

The dark and gloomy entrance to the home, with its bulky elements crammed into a small space, made it look totally unappealing.

​After: Glorious overhaul

We are now completely floored by the entryway. Subtle shades of grey sit on a glass Dutch door, while quirky artwork in white can be seen at one end. Stone tiles on the floors and swanky industrial themed spotlights make this a truly sophisticated, yet edgy space.

​Before: Uninspiring darkness in the hall and kitchen

The kitchen had a lackluster look that was carved out of the colors of gloom. The low ceiling hemmed the space in and the profusion of various elements like the chandelier and the false ceiling made it all look chaotic. This worsened the ambiance of the hall as well.

​After: Bright and airy paves the way

The new way forward has been stylishly rendered by the bright and airy design scheme. Done up in cream with defining lines in grey and black, this new main hall has a wonderfully open vibe. The kitchen lies to a side in this split level home. The now spacious kitchen takes on a more white based hue for practicality, while the rest of the hall is swathed in elegant cream environs. The kitchen also enjoys more storage options now. The dining table with its metal legs and the industrial lamps make for a modern loft like vibe. The staircase sits on one side with its linear theme

​After: Vibrant style

The children's play area boasts of checks and colors as well as art work and plenty of food for the child's imagination!

​Before: In the dark ages

The living room literally seemed to belong in the dark ages with a typical wall of glass doors on one side and a simple chandelier casting a small glow on the room that overpowered it.

​After: Linear setting

The new living room now enjoys a straight line that is pulled from the kitchen and bypasses the dining room, before reaching the sumptuous leather couches offering a classy aura. The kitchen can also be seen from this angle with its brick inspired back splash and grey accents built into the white cabinetry. The living room has a neat wall for peekaboo storage on one side, which makes for interesting touches where the open shelves and nooks are visible. The golden lighting perfectly complements the cream hues.

After: Perfect lounge

This monochrome lounge with its heavy beams and mezzanine facing structure is perfect for relaxation and entertainment!

​Before: Lacking character

Although this space comprised a substantial area in the house, it, earlier, lacked any coherent style personality.

​After: Subtle beauty

The cheery children's area is now replete with subtle pops of color and plenty of books! 

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