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Woodworking: This is The Peak Of Timber Construction

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This rustic home used to be a greenhouse! It's in the  Monster municipality in The Hague (the most populous city in the Netherlands) but we think it's quite the beauty! The residents purchased the greenhouse and brought in Kodde Architects to transform the space into a home. The residents wanted an outdoor kind of feel, and the architects came through for them with this amazing Timber construction.  

Gable Interrupted

This tall, majestic gable roof is made stylish with the small gap on the right, that leads over to a large external wall that's all style. Another top feature on the building is the balcony, a great spot to look out on the lovely surroundings. 

The Wood

We can see that there are at least two kinds of wood used in this building's construction. The white siding and roof were made out of western red cedar and then stained their brilliant colour. The beams and the internal support were built out of Douglas Fir instead, and stained a light brown so as not to contrast the white cedar too much. These two natural materials contribute to the woodsy look of the building and its harmony with its surroundings. 

Wonderful Windows

Now we can see why the architects put so much emphasis on glass in this building. The lovely green space surrounding the home is bright and lush, but tall enough to maintain a sense of privacy, even with all-glass walls. We also appreciate how natural and simple the interior decor has been kept. The light fixtures look like recycled lobster traps! 

The Dunes

The architect's name for this building is The Dunes referencing the sand surrounding the building and it's white look that blends into the bright scene. From this angle we can also see a surprising feature, deep well windows, that we're sure bring in a lot of light to this home's basement. 

If you love wood exteriors this home will catch your eye for sure! 

White Basement

The architects chose to keep the raw concrete exposed on one side, while offering white surfaces everywhere else that reflect any natural light that comes through the deep well windows. This wouldn't be enough light, so stylish pot lights have been installed down each side of the basement. 

Reflective Pool

The house has been given a reflective pool, placed at the front of the building to echo its impressive height and style. The wood siding gives this pool a much more natural look than conventional plastic siding, and we're sure its a delight in hot summer sun. 

Looking for an elevated pool option instead? These ten designs are affordable and fit for any deck. 

What do you think of this unique roof design? Let us know in the comments!
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