Small homes: 8 smart ways to maximise space

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Maximising space in small homes requires a bit of ingenuity and an eye for locating hidden potential. After all, living in a compact abode doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on aesthetics, functionality or comfort. It simply means that you have to find ways to make the most out of available space. So here we bring you 8 super ideas to use space cleverly, starting from open plan layouts and in-built shelves to creative storage-friendly stairways and underutilised corners of the bedroom. Check them out and live smart, even if you own a tiny home.

1. Fewer interior walls

Less interior walls mean that more space becomes available for fitting in furniture, storage units, decorative knickknacks, and such. For instance, this residence follows a stylish open plan living which integrates the living and dining areas nicely, without compromising on good looks. Use of neutral hues makes the home seem more expansive too.

2. Shelves are always useful

If you have a blank and boring wall standing unused, put it to good use by getting in-built shelves. See how the space around the door here has been intelligently used to house shelves and cabinets to store as well as display items.

3. Futuristic staircase

Built creatively and quirkily from light-hued wood and black metal, this stunning staircase helps you to go up and down, store stuff, and flaunt artefacts as well. A projection from one of the steps acts as a desk too, and makes for a fun home office. The designers at Studio Mieke Meijer deserve the credit for this.

4. The potential of your bedroom

We love how a narrow sliver of space behind this luxurious bed has been turned into a smart closet with glass doors. An elegant, black and tufted accent behind the headboard grazes the ceiling to give this innovative storage hack some privacy.

5. Look under the furniture

Most tables, stools and benches come with four legs and can offer creative solutions to storage woes. Just add a wooden or glass plank below the top surface, so that they connect the four legs near the floor. And you have yourself a handy shelf!

6. Glass comes to the rescue

To create the illusion of extra space where there is none, nothing beats clear glass. Check out this stylish and extremely contemporary staircase with glass balustrades that ensure a feeling of openness. Soft and strategically placed lights add to the magical ambiance, while wood contributes to the earthy appeal here.

7. Every nook and corner is vital

When space is premium, no nook or corner should be wasted. Take a clue from this modern abode, where a compact kitchen and simple but snazzy bathroom has been accommodated under the mezzanine. The industrial chic staircase comes with a sleek wood and white storage platform underneath, which also serves as a practical home office.

8. Intelligent mechanics

Side tables are so passé! This bedroom stuns with bedside in-built niches which can be folded out when required, thanks to a simple mechanism. When not in use, they fold back and merge with the wall seamlessly.  

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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