A Home Designed To Evoke The Tropics

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This vintage resort is warm and stylish, providing a lovely environment for the many guests who stay here. It was built by Grand Design architects who wanted to achieve balance between colour and wood, cozy and open. The used plaster for a cave-like feeling and employ all of the tones and textures of the tropics. Lets take a look! 


The exterior of the guest house combines wood, plaster, and stone. This emphasis on natural materials provides some interesting contrast and reflects the tropical style that will become more evident on the interior of the building. The pathway leading to the entrance is distinguished from the stones only subtly, a style that leaves the eye to focus on the intricate exterior of the home. 

Front Door

The front door is sheltered with a partial wall, its' like an exterior mudroom. We imagine guests could take off their coats and shoes here, in preparation for the warm interior. In this space the emphasis on wood becomes dramatically apparent, with richly stained panels laid vertically on the door, while the wall panels are laid horizontally for contrast. 

Jungle Path

One of the most amazing features of this guest house is the floating staircase made out of rounded wooden planks. It's like a jungle path leading guests up to the canopy of the house. To add a lively mood to the space tropical plant life has been placed in every corner of the home, paired with ornate pots and the rich leather of the furniture. If you're thinking of replicating these lovely stairs you'll want to ask the advice of a carpenter to get some high quality wood shaped perfectly. 

Attic Bed

Here, in the canopy of the house, the attic, a soft and simple bed has been set up for guests. A white screen has been included so that the guests can have some privacy when they're not enjoying the view out of the huge top-floor windows. In this space, emphasis has been paced on guest comfort above all else, with cozy fabrics and a thick carpet. 

Night Lights

Entertaining in the evening is made easy in this multi-purpose space. We can see now what the architects meant by a cave-like atmosphere. It's not damp, but warm and sheltered with thick carpets and smooth plaster for the cave walls. 

Tropical Accessories

No jungle guest house is complete without indoor bamboo, wooden bowls, and other tropical accessories. What better way to show them off than this wall shelf that opens to both sides? We also love the hallway sink and it's modern back-splash. It add so much luxury to the space. 

Not sure if all of this wood is a good idea? Check out our guide that outlines the pros and cons of using wood in your home! 

How do you feel about the attic bedroom? Perfectly comfortable or lacking style?

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