A Glum Apartment Goes Glam in Brazil

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Kali Arquitetura
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Peppered with varied styles of architectures ranging from neoclassical and renaissance style to ultramodern, the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre has caught our attention today. And while exploring its length and breadth, we chanced upon the smart and aesthetic transformation of a small and dull apartment. Cramped quarters and dated accents had turned the abode into a mundane space which was hardly fit for stylish living. But thanks to the efforts of the architects at Kali Arquitetura, the revamped home is a bright and cheery place to come back to after a tiring day. Refreshing hues, sleek and open designs, and trendy furnishing make the new avatar of the old apartment a hit.

Before and After: Chic kitchen makeover

It is quite evident that the old kitchen was a closed and claustrophobic little space with a dull, dark floor and boring tiles on the wall. Insufficient lighting was a concern too. But now, with a simple structural tweak, the kitchen has become way more open and breathable. White dominates the space, making it look roomier, while smart accent and recessed lighting make everything look brighter. The newly designed window comes with a counter which can easily serve as a breakfast nook, and aid the chef to socialise with guests.

Before and After: A different viewpoint

Here’s a look at the kitchen’s transformation from the opposite side. With light-hued tiles and spotless walls, the space looks dramatically different from the old-fashioned and shabby original version.

After: A charming cooking haven

Sleek white cabinets lined under a beige countertop keep storage worries at bay in the transformed kitchen. Wide and glossy white tiles adorn the backsplash for a contemporary appeal, while minimalistic fixtures ensure a trendy ambiance. To the left, you will find a simple white table holding the microwave and accompanied by a couple of wooden chairs with striped seats. This arrangement is perfect for enjoying quick meals after heating them, or resting in between the preparation of multiple dishes. A bunch of vibrant, yellow flowers adds a dollop of life to the pristine kitchen.

After: Cosy living and dining

Artfully juxtaposed wooden tiles make the floor in the living and dining areas warm and inviting. White dominates the walls again for a spacious feel, while bright lights ensure cheeriness. The glass-topped round dining table has modish chairs with rattan backs for company, while a curvy vase holding yellow flowers add liveliness.

A cosy couch and a couple of armchairs with rounded backs let you relax and entertain conveniently in the living zone. The in-built shelf in the corner displays knickknacks, while a slim rack holds the TV.

After: Trendy bathroom

Sober beige and white hues rule the compact but smart bathroom. The modish basin is upheld by a longish counter with a sleek shelf underneath, while stylish fixtures add flair to the space. Sliding glass doors separate the shower nook from the rest of the bathroom, and lend the illusion of expansiveness in cahoots with the large mirror.

The simple but thoughtful makeover of this Brazilian apartment has left us impressed. But if you are looking for more ideas, check this out - A Small Dull Apartment Reinvents Itself.

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