Four Ways to Decorate this Delightful Home

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Архитектура Интерьера Living room
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While a home doesn’t have to take interior decor inspiration from the exterior styling of the house, there’s something wonderfully harmonious about homes that do. This little gem offers us plenty of inspiration for the interior decor, being composed of three materials and at least three distinct designs. It was built by architects Biuro to have a cute, country flair on some more modern and traditional elements. Let’s use this lovely exterior to choose the decor for the rest of the home.

The Home

Immediately, the country styling is apparent on the outside of the home. The wood is composed for character, with cross rails for the front porch that have to be among our favourite elements of the home. The wood has been stained light, so as to synchronize with the white plaster siding, a very modern element. Then there's a peaked, textured roof with a classic window, that adds a classic, perhaps even colonial touch to the home. How best to bring these styles into the home? 

White and Wood

The first living space we'll consider for this home incorporates both the white and modern style of the home, with the intricate wood work of the porch railing. Notice that the lights on the ceiling match the porch exactly, even down to the light stain. The rest of the decor uses nature tones and soft materials, to bring out the cozy feeling of that front porch, along with reminders of it's view overlooking natural surroundings. 


Alternatively, the home could be styled much more modern, but using the same materials. This interior is made to feel very bright with the sheer curtains and amplifying power of the white walls and furniture. The light wood still makes an appearance, but its much more subtle, in the flooring and on the table. Don't forget a pop of colour: here its a vibrant purple, but a deep blue would match the roof of the home and look just as good. 


Instead of exaggerating the modern elements of the home's exterior, you could lean more heavily on the country/ranch feeling. White is still used as the primary colour of the walls, but it's panelling instead, which matches the vertical paneling on the exterior. There's still wood touches, but they're rougher and more natural, a great way to add some country character. The wood is also darker in this rustic style, along with dark grey furniture. There's plenty more country style spaces that would look perfect for this home. Check out some examples in our gallery here


This versatile exterior style could lend to a much softer, more elegant style as well. Notice that this space is using a lighter version of the roof's blue to accent the creams and whites we've seen in other styles. This space also has the familiar cross pattern, this time put to elegant use as sliding glass doors. The wooden floor is still there, but its hardly noticeable  among the soft fabrics, elegant lighting fixtures, and crown moulding. 

Rear View

Here's the lovely back porch of the home, to remind us how the three distinct styles function in the materials and shape of the house. Now that you've seen a few design options for the interior, consider which option matches up best to the exterior of the home. Let us know which style you'd ultimately choose in the comments below. 

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Which of these styles do you think worked the best? Let us know in the comments!

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