The Best Rooms For Hosting Guests

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A house is not just for your and your immediate family – your friends also like to enjoy being guests in your comfortable home setting. Today, you'll look through six inspiring examples that show what you can do to make your home as attractive, comfortable, and fun as possible for friends. These golden tips are easy to implement, but you don't have to do all of them in order to create major differences in your home atmosphere. Sometimes a small change is enough – just choose those ideas and room designs that fit you best.

Eating together

What is the first thing you think of when you plan a celebration with friends? What you're going to eat, when, and where! In your own home, the answer is obvious – you'll more than likely be drifting towards the dining room when the plates and cups start rolling out. This room features a large dining table, all ready to be used. Since the time of year brings nice weather, the patio doors have been casually left open, creating a breezy, roomy atmosphere in the home. A beautiful hanging lamp over the table provides the necessary ambience. Notice the large windows in the ceiling, sending beautiful light down into the room! Together with an expert designer, you can add features like these that create a lively ambience in your dining room – and you don't need to tear down wall to do it!

Head to the Media Room

If you and your guests are planning a movie night, having a separate media room just for that occasion is a godsend. In this example, the couch is very comfortable and is in the correct position for viewing the TV without craning your neck. With an eclectic blend of furniture ranging from Japanese-inspired walls to a royal velvet sofa to a Wild West inspired ottoman, this fun room is designed to transport you wherever you and your guests wish to go!

All that's missing here is a bowl full of popcorn and someone to dim the lights – Lights, Camera, Action!


Inside and outside spaces create very distinct moods. The feeling of being outside sets a fresh, free, down-to-Earth tone, and has the tendency to help keep things casual. If you prefer hosting informal gatherings where guests help out on the BBQ and where kids can play outside, a conservatory is the perfect place to invite your friends. If it's summer so you can always go out onto the terrace, but a good conversation in a quiet conservatory is still relaxed, and you can plan gatherings in this hybrid indoor-outdoor room year-round (something that you can't always do on a patio, depending on where you live!). Open and attractive are the key words in this space.

Create a Game Room

The guaranteed friends magnet is and will always be the game room. A game of pool is a fun pastime in the evening, and with or without beer it quickly become the source of a lot of amusement. In this large room there's plenty of open space for a big table. The mood is kept lively and fun with posters of the Beatles on the walls, creating an overall look centered around Pop. The interior is fairly light, and this makes for a relaxed look – unusual in a room that often gets placed in the deep dark corner of a basement. The bright wooden floor and white walls complete the picture in this fresh and modern game room, and the light hanging over the pool table is the icing on the cake.

Warm up your Living Room

The living room is the space where you will most often sit with your friends after a tasty meal, letting time breeze by as you chat for hours. This room has everything for a successful evening: in this room you can observe a very luxurious and fluid setting, with the fireplace creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere, the furniture offering comfort and a light, friendly palette, and minimalist design all around to provide no distractions to your conversations with friends. If you're not looking for a total style overhaul by a professional interior designer, you can warm up your living room by adding or layering plush woven rugs or installing a false fireplace (you can light candles or place other decor in the hearth, but the presence of a fireplace, even a fake one, will add warmth to your room).

Take advantage of the weather!

In summer, everything is focused on taking advantage of the amazing weather.  If you're lucky enough to have an upper floor balcony or rooftop patio, you can take enjoyment of the great weather to a whole new level. This example features a tempting Jacuzzi, making this rooftop all the more appealing (even in the winter!). This lovely place is located in the heart of Amsterdam and therefore offers an ideal place to enjoy the mild weather.  Aside from the Jacuzzi, you can see that this rooftop is also equipped for guests who aren't in for a swim, as there's plenty of space to lounge with a drink under the open skies.

Dreaming of a fun gathering in the outdoors? No matter the size of your outdoor space, you can spruce it up any number of these attractive patio plants.

What do you think of these guests room ideas? Comment below!

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