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10 Hacks For A Thoroughly Tidy Home

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At homify, we have to admit that tidiness is important. Even the most beautifully designed and carefully decorated home looks terrible if it's messy. For everyday ease of living it’s essential to have a home that’s designed to be easy to tidy up! Make your space work for you by being smart with your design and decor. We want to share our 10 simple tips that you can keep in mind to help you keep a presentable and livable home. 

1. Focus on your entryway

Having a tidy entrance is crucial if you want your home to look put together. It will also be more functional and make your life easier if you design proper storage for your entrance. 

Keep out of season items in storage. Have a place for everything; keys, dog bags, mail, and mittens. Imagine leaving your home in a good mood instead of lamenting over the shoes spilling out of the closet! homify knows professionals who can help you out.

2. Clutter is out of sight

The stairs are one of the worst places in your home to start cluttering up. It can be tempting to pile things meant to go upstairs at the bottom.

Clutter makes a space feel small and unsophisticated. To elevate your house to the next level, incorporate beautiful and functional pieces. Stacked suitcases like this could hold extra linens or cushions!

3. Tidy work space

You're in trouble if your home office has become a catch-all for the various sundry in your home. You deserve to have a serene workspace. 

Offices come with their own built in storage. Make use of filing cabinets, desks, and bookshelves. Keep your elements neat and be tough on what goes in the office. This will keep your home tidy and increase your productivity. Win-win!

4. Sufficient storage

The best way to combat clutter is to ensure you have sufficient storage in your home. It’s better to have an excess of shelving than to have too little. Cramped and overflowing bookshelves look unkept.

Use shelving that will fit your home and your needs. It should be flexible and adaptable as your needs change. We love this combo of clerestory windows and bookshelves. Perfect!

5. Find floating shelves

If you aren’t already on board with this trend we think you should try out floating shelves. They are simple to install and they can be configured just for you. 

Floating shelves like these mean that your home has more clean lines and open space. Especially great for rooms that have accent walls.

6. Light up your home

A poorly lit home can make your design efforts fall flat. Show guests that you care for your home by keeping it well lit. 

Areas that tend to have terrible lighting in the home are kitchens, work spaces, and bedrooms. Have a variety of lighting solutions so that your home is beautiful and functional any time of day.

7. Gather some storage boxes

Storage boxes are a simple solution to your clutter woes. You can pick up some simple ones at a dollar store. Feel free to DIY your boxes! Designers are picking up on this trend also and offering beautiful boxes. 

Storage boxes are great because they keep your belongings accessible. They can be stacked to make their own statement, too!

8. Closet power

When you use your closets they should make you feel large and in charge! Don’t cower from the dozens of unworn garments and overflowing shelves. 

Tackle the closet and make it into an ordered masterpiece like this. Your home should be beautiful in every corner! Having a tidy closet will put you in a good mood for the rest of your day.

9. Accessories need a home

This tip pairs with our tip about a tidy closet. Your smallest accessories need a home. Have a designated and ordered place to put cufflinks, jewelry, and all those socks.

No more jumbled mess and frustrated late morning searches for what you need! Create space in your home for the things you love and use every day.

10. Clever closets

Our final tip ends us on another closet note. Be smart about the solutions you use in your closet. A scarf organizer might look great in the store. If it is going to take up space and hold only one or two scarves it may not be worth it!Always consider your needs first. Organize according to your changing needs and with the seasons.

Thanks for checking out our list of ways you can easily care for and tidy your home! For more lists like this take a look at our feature on thrifty ways to redecorate your kitchen

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