Seven Sumptuous Italian Homes You'll Crave

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Every bustling city centre in Italy is full of stunning architecture. There are iconic older homes restored for modern life, new buildings with older character added in, centuries old ceilings with classic home designs beneath, and so much more. What do they all have in common? The wow factor. Tour through these top seven Italian homes with us and you're sure to be impressed by each. 

1. Contemporary Venice

This ultra-modern loft has open space, elegant materials, and a warm character. Transparent polycarbonate has been used for the stair railing and the seating, shifting emphasis to the amazing marble floor and rich wooden staircase. 

2. Rejuvinated Milan

This country home was both restored and reinterpreted by these amazing architects. The bones of the home exude classic style, from the pillars, to the circular window, the fine moulding, and the curved staircase. Yet, the warm wooden flooring and the elegant furniture throughout are modern with great attention to detail. Not many can achieve such harmony between modern living and ancient architecture, this architect must be very talented. 

3. Restored Turin

This is an eighteenth century mansion was recovered and blended with modern materials. The uniquely shaped furniture and emphasis on white feel distinctly Scandinavian, but the pleasant classical features remain in a few scattered elements. The result is pure beauty.  

4. Sensational Florence

Prestigious home stay in Florence Pietre di Rapolano Modern living room Stone Beige
Pietre di Rapolano

Prestigious home stay in Florence

Pietre di Rapolano

Traditional walls, floors, and furnishings all seem gloriously untouched by the winds of time. The staircase is particulrly marvelous, curving gently and keeping the large living space in view at all times. 

5. Contemporary Rome

This most famous of Italian cities has not been left in centuries past. Instead, we can find the finest notes of contemporary style here: white walls paired with bold furniture, open layout with carpets for separation, stacking tables and globe light fixtures. 

6. Minimalist Naples

This apartment in the heart of Naples has been kept graciously simple. The muted purple tone of the wall contrasts the contemporary canvas art sweetly. Still, the fruit sculptures have to be our favourite! You can find more inspiration for a minimalist living room in our enormous gallery

7. Stone in Brezone

This gently curved holiday home overlooks a lake. The ceiling stone is in ideal condition, looking just worn enough to give the space a sense of character. To contrast the stone's rough cream colours, smooth white furniture has been used. It makes for a modern impression under a rustic roof. 

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Which of these gorgeous homes was your favourite? 

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