20 Captivating Closets For Your Home

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Every well-designed home must include a perfect closet to store your stuff. Whether it's a walk-in or an antique armoire, a neatly arranged wardrobe is a delight. 

This selection of 20 closets is sure to inspire you to shut the doors on those boxes you've got under your bed. Whether your bedroom is small, or your clothes collection is a bit large, these amazing space-saving closets have you covered. 

1. Dress In-Situ

This design works perfectly for anyone who wants to put their dressing room and bedroom in the same environment. This bedroom serves as the sleeping area and storage space, which is why it is important that the décor and the cupboards match perfectly, allowing the storage to be integrated into the design.

2.​Dress It Up

This closet has been outfitted with a desk at which you could put on makeup and style your hair. The lighting around the mirror ensures there's enough light. The stylish drawers in the background would look great if you were filming a make-up tutorial in here, too! 

​3. The Old Standard

This is an updated take on the regular old wooden closet, it fits perfectly into the room, while also being an eye-catching choice for a small bedroom.

4. ​Multifunctional Marvel

A multifunctional closet is the best way to make the most of your small space. This one is not only attractive but blends  and add a great piece of furniture to a room too. This one blends into the décor of the room perfectly.


With a rather masculine imprint, this cabinet utilizes the space very well. Sober and dark colors, and structured cabinets are for those who like everything in place. 

6.​ Vanishing Wardrobes

Embedded closets are god-send for small spaces and those hard to utilize corners of your house. Spaces under a staircase and hallways are good for built-in closets. Store your off-season clothes to cut back on the clutter in your dressing room.

7.​ Smart and Sleek

We think this closet is genius. A lack of space in a room doesn’t mean that your room should look cramped and untidy. This clever design combines a bed and is a perfect fit for a studio apartment or townhome.


Minimalist doors are stomping today’s trends and why not,  they offers a well-organized and neat appearance.  This closet has panels that slide apart and they do not even have handles.

9.​ Hook them

These simple modern hooks are perfect for hanging up your purse collection and they make for a great spot to hang your every-day bag when you come home from work. The simple circular design fits in with modern and minimalist styles and keeps the closet looking cute!


A closet in the living room, why not? Paint it with the same colour as the wall and it will look simple and brilliant.

11.​Lights and colour

A mirror and good lighting is a must-have for any bedroom. This stylish original design is a unique take on a walk-in closet and perfect for those who'd like to combine a closet and dressing room.

12.​ Retractable Racks

Retractable coat hooks are a great and functional addition to any closet. The fold-out racks make the search for your perfect outfit much easier and a bonus: they save on space. 


The doors of this wardrobe look amazing, with an intricate design in simple white, combined with a warm touch of wood. It looks well-designed, sleek, and like just the right size for the owner's clothes. The rest of this simple closet space is well-chosen as well, with just enough space for the owner's most-used items, so that nothing looks overcrowded.

14.​Harnessing every corner

This is one brilliant storage spot for your shoes! You can grab them easily while you're sitting down on the steps, and the long space provided by the stairs means that you can fit a few pairs on each rung. You'll want to talk to some cabinet professionals to install these for you, to make sure that the stairs remain properly supported.

15.​ Paint It

This wonderful closet area is stunning in pink and shows off personality. You want your closet to have properly sized nooks that make the most of your space. This closet was designed for a hat collection, with shelves just tall enough for each special hat. Then there's the larger spots for the travel cases on the bottom, where they're easy to access.

16.​ Attic Addition

There's a growing trend of putting closets in attics and we love the idea! Clothing rails fit nicely beneath slanted ceilings and dressing rooms don't need a very big space to be functional. You can put in floor-to-ceiling drawers on one side of the attic to provide for plenty of storage. Consider these stylish mirror drawers too, they can small attic spaces feel larger.

17.​ Drape It

Forget closet doors, a thick curtain makes a huge impact and is more convenient. Your closet will feel comfortable and elegant, and your bedroom will feel more stylish even when the curtain is pulled closed. Consider adding an elegant chandelier in the closet to complete the look.

18.​ Accessories

This closet is perfectly coordinated in every way, from the simple use of colour to the contemporary style, it perfectly displays that minimalist style can be fashionable too.

19.​Basics and neutral

A white closet will brighten a small room, so ditch the dark colours and get out the paint brush and up-cycle that hand-me-down. Need some more inspiration, check out these 14 closets for all your clothes.

20. The Corner Closet

Dresser design homify Asian style dressing room

Dresser design


This black and white piece doesn't really qualify as a closet but has neatly fits along the wall and has enough room to bring order to your wardrobe. A place for socks, a place for T-shirt, a place for unmentionables… what more can we expect!

Which of these closets was your favourite?

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