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The Perfect 1,300 Square Feet Home For A Family of 5

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Planning and designing a functional as well as aesthetically pleasing home for a large family is no mean feat. But the talented architects at Home Style Tote accomplished this task elegantly, with this fascinating modern house for a young couple with three children. Located in Jiseokri in South Korea, the abode cleverly accommodates trendy and utilitarian spaces which interact with each other, so that the parents can always keep an eye on the kids. Special focus was given to organisational needs, since three kids imply tons of stuff! Stylish lights, sleek designs, cosy hues and a special retreat for the artistic mother make this residence a contemporary delight.

Powerful first impressions

An energetic and bold splash of orange has added a dollop of fun and liveliness to this white and edgy home. Large glass doors and windows allow oodles of sunlight in during the day, while the interior lights shine through soothingly at night. The house was cleverly built to appear more massive than it actually is, and the driveway is comfortable enough too. The expansive garden in front allows the kids to romp around when the weather is pleasant.

Stylish entrance and terrace

A neat, grey entrance decked with sophisticated lines and sleek steps leading to the door make for an elegant and inviting feel. Vibrant flowers in white pots add pizzazz to the entry, while the wooden deck offers the perfect spot for adults to laze around and the kids to play.

A refreshing surprise!

Now, where you expecting this? We weren’t! The terrace can be pulled up to reveal a small and pristine pool for the children to splash around, when the weather turns hot. And it isn’t a very expensive affair too!

Smart cloakroom

The importance of storage can never be underestimated when there are three little munchkins at home. So the cloakroom or mudroom comes equipped with sleek cabinets, shelves and wall hooks for organising caps, umbrellas, raincoats, bags, shoes and more. A pretty pendant light and honeycomb shaped floor tiles lend aesthetic relief, while the bright blue and glass door adds life to the space.

Narrow but fashionable interiors

The narrowness of the interiors has not been able to hamper the good looks of each functional space which flows into each other, thanks to an open plan layout. Owing to the double height of the ceiling here, the white and minimalistic kitchen and the cosy dining look airy and bright. Trendy fixtures, smooth cabinets, clever wall organisers, and contemporary appliances make the open kitchen a culinary heaven. A quirky pair of wall-mounted lights shines over the proceedings here.

Relaxing and chic living

Pale and dark shades of blue pair with light-hued wood for a living area that is soothing as well as interesting. The charming window seat is surrounded by cubbies which hold books, electronic items and such, while a movie screen unfurls when the projector is turned on. And just like that, the living area becomes a media room!

Mother’s den

Even the busiest of moms need to get away from time to time, to enjoy their hobbies and passions. Hence, this delightful and colourful crafts room, where floor to ceiling shelves contain all the delightful items created by the mother. Trendy knitting machines, sleek and practical shelves and comfortable seating measures make this arty den a pleasure to be in.

Storage meets fun

This cosy and delightful staircase has taken our breath away with the manner in which it has combined organisation with fun. In order to make the most of narrow spaces, the landing features a storage bench with nooks below for accommodating toys, games, books and whatnot. And the flight of stairs on the left comes with a slide on the side, for the young ones who want to go up and down in a more playful way.

An interactive abode

Open interiors with a double height ceiling for the kitchen and dining ensure that all the members get to interact with each other freely. The mezzanine allows a nice view of the ground floor, allowing parents to supervise the kids conveniently.

What a fun, friendly, and smartly planned house this one is! Take another tour for more inspiration - Drawn Inspiration From This Tropical Dream House.

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