11 Gorgeous Homes To Make Your Head Spin

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Marina Linhares Decoração de Interiores Tropical style garden
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Who doesn’t want a beautiful home where he or she can spend priceless moments with near and dear ones? After all, a house is much more than a structure that protects you from the world. It inspires you, soothes you, nurtures you and motivates you. Which is why; creative and unique planning and designing go a long way in infusing a residence with charm, grandeur and personality. Today, we will take you through 11 such abodes where varied materials and styles have come together for stunning visual impacts. Beautiful gardens, decks, pools, and lush natural environs add to the specialty of each property.

1. Mediterranean appeal

Built from sturdy stones, this distinctly rustic home overlooks an expansive patio ringed by verdant greenery. What a pretty Mediterranean setting with the plants providing privacy, as well as shade and coolness.

2. Tropical bliss

The lively green and expansive lawn catches our eye here, with busy bushes and tall trees dotting its length and breadth. The house itself is sprawling and elegant, with neat windows in wooden frames and shingled roofs promising the magic of lavish living.

3. Go Greek!

Atmospheric Garden, nestled in the Sussex Downs Borrowed Space Country style garden
Borrowed Space

Atmospheric Garden, nestled in the Sussex Downs

Borrowed Space

Brick, glass and wood have been used in a classy manner to create this picturesque country abode, complete with a warm and cosy wooden patio. But what takes our breath away is the circular stone structure, much like a Greek open air theatre. Semi-circular stone seats at three different levels offer rustic seating, while a fire pit in the middle lights up on cold evenings. No wonder that the family loves spending a lot of time outside! Credit for this unique beauty goes to the landscape designers at Borrowed Space.

4. Under the Tuscan sun

This lavish and extremely earthy farmhouse in Tuscany looks like an oasis of sheer bliss. Made from bricks, stone and surrounded by nature’s green bounty all around, the residence charms with its Mediterranean appeal. The large, elegant and striking blue pool is a godsend on hot days, and makes for a serene touch here.

5. Timeless and retro

This country house is an epitome of timeless sophistication and charms with its structural symmetry. Classic shades of brown and beige define the beauty of this abode, while bay windows make unique style statements. The stone-laden driveway is perfect for enjoying a leisurely stroll through the brilliant green garden lined with colourful bushes.

6. Villa of your dreams

The traditional yet ever appealing juxtaposition of natural stones and white walls contribute to the villa’s fashionable and subtly Mediterranean look. Manicured lawns, earthy-hued tiles and towering trees make for a stunning outdoor space, where relaxation is the priority. The blue swimming pool shines like a jewel under the sun and beckons you to enjoy a rejuvenating dip, while the lush palm offers shade when you are simply unwinding.

7. Idyllic farmhouse

What an exquisitely idyllic sight this typical farmhouse is, with its thatched roofs, quaint windows, and pretty white walls, very much in the sync with the traditional architecture of this region. Surrounded by a chic garden and a rustic stone embankment, the house regales with its subtle French attraction and pastel touches at the doors and windows.

8. Ancient meets modern

Two thousand years old Mediterranean building traditions were followed to build this housing unit, which comprises of stylish and outdoor-friendly apartments owned by friends who wish to live close to each other. The stone platform on which the homes are constructed makes for a delightfully rustic setting, while the lush green lawn refreshes the eye. A curving stone-laden path leads to stylish steps which take you to the apartments.

9. Bringing the outside in

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Kitchen Wood

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


This picture perfect home rendered in red bricks, metal and glass promise all the quaint pleasures of countryside living. The grey sloping roofs balance the earthiness of the bricks, while a large glass and metal conservatory help in integrating the indoors and outdoors. A spacious patio dotted with pretty furniture and potted greens, enhances the appeal of the home manifold.

10. Modern yet earthy

Country house in Ancín. Façade Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos Minimalist house Red
Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos

Country house in Ancín. Façade

Ignacio Quemada Arquitectos

This longish Spanish villa is a contemporary concrete creation resplendent in its earthy tones of brown and beige. Naturally, it goes well with the green manicured lawn, while ceramic tiles line the roof for a neat look. The porch is amply shaded to control the amount of sunlight filtering through the windows.

11. Almost heaven

It’s impossible to not fall in love with this breathtaking mansion with its stunning outdoor pleasure joint. Solid wooden furniture and plush loungers sit under the shaded deck with its stylish wooden pillars, inviting you to unwind in luxury. The scenery in front is delightful, with a well-kept lawn surrounding the gorgeous pool and luxuriant trees in the distance. Take a cool dip in the pool or simply sunbathe… choice is yours.

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