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14 Homes With Gorgeous Entry Paths

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Entryways create the first impression of your home. It is this very space that welcomes guests and pretty much sets the tone and the expectations of the style that lies within. A beautiful entrance gives presence to the front door of the house and highlights the distinguishing features of the façade. It lends your home the right appeal. Here are 13 entrances, we show you how an entryway can actually add lots of panache and welcoming vibe to your home. Go through this tour to know more!

​1. Grey and Green with Lots of Wood

The wooden elements of this entryway create a winning statement, filled with warmth. The wooden steps that lead to the main door and the open pergola on top render a solid feel against the green grass and the grey walls. The windows also match this wooden style.

2. ​A Pathway that Snakes around the Home

This entryway is an elegant one that snakes into place with a curved appeal. The circles of stones and the pretty row of lights highlights its curves and beauty as it leads the visitor to the lofty pillars and the facade of this circular castle.

3. ​Linear Beauty with Random Steps

This home and its facade is all about straight lines that jut out into fashionably sharp corners. The large blocks of concrete help in showing off a solid and raw appeal as one approaches the polished environs of the home. We especially loved the flowers and tendrils escaping these steps.

​4. Layered Wood Bridge

The layered wooden foot bridge with the lamps highlighting its crevices makes for a stunning statement when combined with the white walls, as well as the wooden and metal detailing. A fountain gurgles happily on the side.

5. ​Lighting Ahoy!

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune Chaney Architects Minimalist house
Chaney Architects

Private Residence, Koregaon Park, Pune

Chaney Architects

This home has a wonderful eclectic and shape vibe thanks to the lighting. The home is diagonally aligned on the wide driveways with trees in the distance. The steps leading to the porch are low and sleek, with LED lights adorning the edges for a striking and subtle effect.

​6. Pocket Sized Statement

The pint sized compact home offers a stunning statement with its designer metal roof and the slit in its slant. The approach is lined with lamps on the elevated beginnings of the wooden home while steps stand to a side of the stone and grass entryway. The steps have a slim sliver of light.

​7. Expansive Statement

This home makes a sweeping statement at the very first glance and the simple linear lamps in the curved path have a similar effect. Greenery and high end style complete the look.

8. ​Colour and Cheer

This home has colorful LED lights in its art installations and minimalist contours.

​9. Modern Colosseum

This modern day Colosseum like structure has stone steps and plenty of greenery to welcome you!

10. ​Sloping Wonder

The best part about the entryway here is the sloping effect with the slim steps on both sides, enclosed with stone, glass and greenery.

​11. A Red Door

A red door and overlapping slabs of stone welcome you into this Zen like home.

​12. Luxurious Quarters

This luxurious modern castle has a playful linear pattern for the steps set in its green grass.

​13. Natural Cottage

This home has a natural cottage vibe with an eco friendly edge thanks to the profusion of trees and wooden planks that welcome the visitor.

14. Curves and Geometry

The geometrical patterns and curves of this home make a warm and modern cocoon of sorts. 

Remember that an entryway is the right place to splurge on pretty features. Depending on the architectural style of your home, go ahead and bolster the appeal of what is the most distinguishing feature of your entryway. If you liked this story, here is another one that you might like - 11 Gorgeous Homes to Make Your Head Spin!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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