Five Dull Bedrooms Made Into Shining Stars

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You spend a third of your day in the bedroom, why not make it a fresh and organized space that leaves you feeling relaxed? Too many bedrooms are dark, disorganized, and dull, and your sleep might suffer as a result. Let's see how to transform a bedroom from this sorry state into a refreshing space that rejuvinates you every morning.  

Before: Grey

This bedroom has been left gray and uncoordinated, the bed is even on the floor. 

After: Heavenly

This room feels like celestial paradise now. It's all been refreshed with a nice off-white, the bed has been lifted off the floor onto a dark and soft frame. The white curtains and fresh garlands have made the window a feature of the room instead of an eyesore. 

Before: Boring

There's nothing much going on in this room, except for a dull beige door. 

After: Bright Surprise

To add some character to the room the interior designers have cleverly painted the window a cute blue. The coppery lampshades offer a fun contrast, and they balance the room. In particular, we love the brackets supporting the nightstands, they're stylish space savers. 

Before: Underutilized

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

While this bedroom has a lot of functionality from the sink and counter top, it's simply ugly. 

After: Funky

마이크로하우스 리모델링 OUA 오유에이 Modern kitchen
OUA 오유에이

마이크로하우스 리모델링

OUA 오유에이

If this isn't a dorm room from our dreams! The sink has been replaced with a little fridge, that's more useful in a bedroom anyway, and the counter is a clever desk space that tucks away. The fresh white paint makes the room feel brighter, and the bedspread is interesting but not too busy. 

Before: Poorly Planned

This bedroom is suffering from no-closet syndrome, an unfortunate condition that renders the residents unable to even think of style, as they're just trying to make the space functional. 

After: Cured with Cute

Virginia Water Apartment - Surrey Bhavin Taylor Design Modern style bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Virginia Water Apartment – Surrey

Bhavin Taylor Design

With a closet installed, the bedroom could finally start to express the owner's unique style. The wallpaper is dramatic, and therefore only on one wall so as to not be overpowering. Everything else in the space has taken it's inspiration from the wall, with navy and yellow accents, and round side tables that have a ton of personality. We have a gallery full of eclectic bedrooms that will inspire you to try out all kinds of bold styles! 

Before: Messy

This bedroom just hasn't been optimized, leaving the residents no choice but to pile their things in every corner. 

After: Glowing

Gloucester Road Penthouse Bhavin Taylor Design Modern style bedroom
Bhavin Taylor Design

Gloucester Road Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

Never underestimate the power of storage spaces under the bed, and a properly organized closet! This room has been freed of its clutter and can express a textured, bold style. For light and enjoyment, a balcony has been installed! Now that's a big improvement! 

Want more stylish transformations? This apartment's modern renovation is simply unbelievable. 

Which of these bedroom renovations was your favourite?

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