10 Stylish Headboards for a Good Night's Sleep

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bedroom is an intimate space full of imagination and dreams, and your headboard can be tailored to to fit the farthest reaches of your imagination. In this ideabook, you'll find ten headboard styles that will take you on an imaginary walk through different places, from the Mediterranean coast to Colonial times to places full of Oriental mysticism. If you're looking for a way to add personality and character to your sleeping space, look no further than a unique headboard that will tie together your bedroom look.

1. Mediterranean

A headboard that seeks to expose the fresh breeze and sunlight of coastal areas can not overlook the importance light, soft, and warm materials. In this example image of a Mediterranean-inspired bedroom by Home Staging Factory, the headboard was constructed with natural wooden blocks arranged horizontally to generate a rectangular shape. This design holds small reading lamps that bring out the warm color of the wood and set a comforting, timeless atmosphere in the room. You can buy a pre-made headboard, but a feature like this can also become a fun DIY project. Put your hands to work, creating something that speaks to your own unique character. Do not forget, however, to apply a good finish on the wood with a non-toxic finish or sealant.

2. Modern

The modern and minimalist aesthetic has witnessed a recent rise to popularity as more and more homeowners are determined to simplify their busy lives – and Delife designers have figured out a stylish way to adapt a headboard to this modern contemporary life. The curvy design of this bed includes a headboard in a dynamic and ergonomic way, merging the shape of the bed and headboard in a blend of useful furniture and aesthetically pleasing decor. It is undoubtedly an avant-garde piece that needs no additional ornament to shine as the protagonist of the space.  As a contrast to this curvy contemporary bed, the designers have hung a majestic, sparkling chandelier above, instilling a bold and playful atmosphere in the room.

3. Of the Orient

The interior designers from Arttundra have brought a zen feeling to this room, inspired by Eastern cultures – the design speaking with undertones of mysticism, harmonious two-sided balance, and age-old golden wisdom. The bed has a headboard that combines the purity of cream tones with a padded support that, in addition to providing comfort, brings a soft subtlety and refined elegance to the space.

4. Colonial

In this example, Mariangel Coghlan showcases the perfect choice for those who like simplicity time-tested strength as the main elements of their bedroom space. With an antique black iron structure, this headboard features a sturdy interplay of lines that resemble the best of the Colonial style, while polishing them up for current urban life. With two beds arranged side-by-side, this bedroom's resemblance to a shared, old-fashioned Colonial bedroom is unmistakable, and the classic symmetry of the arrangement is a simple design that's withstood the test of time.

5. Rustic

If subtlety and warmth are the interior design features that move you, then a rustic or country style is perfect for your bedroom headboard. This decorative wooden headboard is instilled with wistful nostalgia that transports you back to familiar images of a home, hearth, and happy family. The interior designers at Biogibson have created this headboard using multiple wooden planks placed vertically in order to generate a visual rhythm that – together with white and green – offers a natural, rustic style that will never to out of fashion, and whose versatility is unsurpassed.

6. Classic

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LOLA 38 Hotel

Suite Bathroom

LOLA 38 Hotel

As the name states, a style like this is absolutely classic. A headboard resembling a classic style will exude a sense of elegance and refinement, drawing its style inspiration predominantly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The studio Lola 38 provides an example of a classic headboard graced with a noble aesthetic, embellished with a rich chocolate tone. In combination with the creamy colors of the room, this headboard provides a rich, smooth finishing touch for this classic bedroom.  Overall, it's a look fit for royalty – with a gauzy canopy and intricate baroque frame, even Marie Antoinette might envy this one.

7. Eclectic

An eclectic design most commonly is created in the mixture of various different styles. Spaces decorated according to this style stand out in their originality, as they can easily be adjusted to include designs and patterns that speak to your many individual tastes. In this project, Niv3l  has created a design in which the headboard takes over the leading role. In truth, it is more than just a headboard, as within its structure it houses a large bookshelf to store books or other decorative elements. Topping off this colorful mismatched look are two bedside lamps of different styles – in an eclectic design like this, anything goes!

8. Tropical

If you like a sense of freshness and close contact with nature, this project by Br Architects offers great inspiration for lovers of the outdoors. This headboard consists of a base whose raw material – a richly-toned and polished wood – transmits the essence of nature. There's something to be said for the beauty of a simple design like this, which uses a single material and repetition of lines to create a bold, visually interesting piece. With diagonal lines subtly indicating the bed below, this orange-toned headboard offers a quiet invitation to lay down and rest.

9. Scandinavian

The team from A | M Decoración and Interior Design designers has created a completely out of the ordinary bed that draws attention to its bold headboard. Adhering to a less-is-more Scandinavian aesthetic, this clear-cut headboard offers a crisp geometrical design that provides a partial canopy over the bed – not only is this interesting to look at, it also creates a more sheltered, cozy sleeping space. 

10. Minimalist

minimalist design is much more involved than placing the most basic decorative elements in a room – minimalism relies heavily on a balance between simplicity and complexity. In other words, a minimalist design is simple in appearance, but often complex in design or use. This simple headboard makes a quiet statement in gray tones, while its padded materials bring comfort and elegance to the space. There's nothing overdone about it, but its carefully planned design still provides the perfect amount of utility and comfort.

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