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London home building professionals, The Lady Builder, are experts when it comes to creating beautiful homes out of disasters. Today, they are going to prove to us just how much potential can exist in a seemingly hopeless situation.

In South Africa, there are lots of dilapidated neighbourhoods and run down areas, which are being invested in and rejuvenated. Some of us might be a little bit sceptical about this, worrying that the value of the property would never increase or that the neighbourhoods would remain dilapidated, even with the rejuvenation.

Yet, this London example is one that we can all learn from locally. It shows us just how important it can be to invest in existing homes as well as how miracles can happen right in front of our eyes!

Are you ready to take a look?

Before: Tiny

In this image of the bedroom, we can see just what a sad state of affairs this home was in. The ceiling was literally caving in!

This image is a perfect example of why it's so important to maintain and look after our homes. If we don't take care of small cracks or issues, they can end up becoming huge problems!

This bedroom also looks very small and bare with its old carpeted floors and white walls. The simple drop down light bulb does nothing to improve ambiance or mood.

Yet, we can see that this room holds quite a lot of potential thanks to the natural light that floods into it!

After: A romantic space

Now this is a bedroom that you can be proud of.

While it's still a small space, the designers have worked with the dimensions available to them to create a cosy and homely spot that is also very peaceful and tranquil.

For starters, they've opted for simple yet very carefully chosen pieces of furniture including a long, plush double bed, bedside tables and plump cushions. The neutral colour scheme introduces that very warm and inviting ambiance, while the three pieces of artwork on the walls bring in some charm and personality.

Here we can also see what a big different the lighting makes. The bedside lamps on each side of the bed provide this space with a beautiful soft glow. This classic look and feel works wonders!

Before: The disaster area

The bathroom was one of the scariest rooms in the house prior to the expert intervention of these home builders.

Featuring an all-white design, this space looks like it hasn't had a good clean in quite some time. The ceiling looks like it is growing mold while the tiles are grimy and grubby. This does not look like a very hygienic space to spend time in.

A bathroom is meant to be peaceful and lavish, where you feel pampered and relaxed. In this space, you would feel anything but!

Have a look at these brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends to see what a bathroom should look like.

After: Modern and magical

This space doesn't even vaguely resemble the bathroom that we saw in the previous image!

This modern bathroom has been completely transformed. The designers have introduced skylights into the ceiling, allowing natural light to flood the space. They've also redone every feature in the room, installing grey tiles on the walls, repainting the upper walls and re-tiling the floors. The grey tones and wooden shelf and cabinet bring in a bit of warmth to the space, which is far better than the clinical white look and feel that we saw in the previous image. The shelf and cabinet also ensure that there is plenty of space for decor items, towels and personal products to be stored neatly away, while still enhancing the bathroom design.

The designers have covered the entire wall behind the bath with a mirror – a great design tip for any small room. It visually expands the space, giving the illusion of depth.

Before: The chaotic garden

The back garden of this home was in complete shambles before the renovation, completely wasting the space available here. 

As South Africans know, if you have an outdoor space available, it needs to be made the most of. It should be used to entertain family and friends or just to wind down under the stars or in the fresh air and sunshine.

Yet, this garden hasn't received any maintenance or care in quite some time. There are weeds everywhere and no comfortable space to sit and enjoy the nature that surrounds the home. 

Are you curious to see what the designers have up their sleeves for this part of the home?

After: An entertainment haven

The designers have rearranged this entire garden area, planting some neatly manicured lawn and installing a tiled terrace, which features a comfortable outdoor dining set. There is also a braai!

Instantly this space has been transformed into an extension of the interior living area, giving the family a whole new hub for relaxing, reading books, coming together over Sunday lunch or hosting garden parties with friends. There is plenty of space for the kids to play on the lawn as well as a more comfortable spot for family and friends to sit and relax.

If you want to install a terrace in your garden, tiling is always a great material. It is durable in all weather conditions and looks very trendy too. Also be sure to add some durable garden furniture to the space, which will last a long time.

Tip: Add a fresh pot of flowers for a natural form of decor to this area.

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