Before and After: 5 Renovations To Copy

Leigh Leigh
Studio_P - Luca Porcu Design Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
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At homify, we love renovations. They are proof to us of just how beautiful a home can be made, even when the design, building or architect professionals have the most hopeless of cases to work with.

A renovation is like magic, performed by top experts in the field. One minute, we have a run down or dilapidated space and the next we have an incredible creation. A renovation is like a phoenix emerging from the ashes. The designers work with the original structure, allowing it to re-emerge as something new and quite breathtaking.

This is why today we have put together five renovations for you to copy. You'll see how different they all are as well as how magical each one seems.

Are you ready to take a look?

1. The remodeling of a home

In this image, we come across a home in construction, by Studio P – Luca Porcu Design. We can see just what a state this home was in. It's hard to imagine what this home will look like as the finished product.

The walls are still in construction phase and we can see that a curved structure is being put together on the floor. What could this possibly be?

With the cement and the brick walls and the ladders and the construction everywhere, it's hard to imagine a beautiful home.

Some progress

In this image, we can see that there is a little bit of progress. The walls are starting to look more homely with a fresh coat of paint and the ceilings have been completed.

Here we really get an idea of what it takes to remodel a home. It's no simple task!

The finished product

Wow! Can you believe the difference between the first image and this image?

We can also see what the curved structure has resulted in. It has become a curved wall, which offers some of the rooms of the home a bit more privacy, without creating a space that is constricted.

The designers have gone for white tones throughout the interior, which are enhanced by a green pot plant. This injects a very fresh and invigorating design to the home.

Don't you love how the lighting creates ambiance and warmth throughout?

2. The 66m2 restoration

In this project, by Fluido Design Studio, we come across these two images. They show us how this small space was old-fashioned and tacky, with clutter and chaos everywhere.

What this image shows us is how a small space shouldn't have so many items in it. It just makes it look that much smaller and more dingy and cramped. The kitchen is jam-packed with items all over the counters and floors, while the living space looks kitsch and outdated. 

This little apartment was in serious need of a breath of fresh air.

The modern home

The little apartment has been completely opened up, with a new and refreshed modern look and feel.

The designers have knocked down the walls, allowing the living space and kitchen to flow into one another. This makes the room look that much bigger and more expansive.

There is also a minimalist design that has been implemented, which changes the entire home. The counter tops in the kitchen only feature the most functional items, while the rest of the home has minimal decor and design. This is a very sleek look and feel, further enhanced by the natural light that pours into the home.

The plan

In this image, we come across the architectural plan, which shows us what the designers had in mind when they redesigned the small space.

These types of plans are very important, illustrating exactly what architects and designers have in mind. This keeps everyone on the same page.

In this plan, can you see how all of the rooms have been opened up, creating large and open spaces?

More detailed

In this image, we come across a much more detailed plan that shows where the furniture and features of every room will be placed. 

This allows the rooms to be more carefully and strategically designed, with each function in mind.

3. The construction site

In this image, we come across a construction site where there is rubble, wood and broken pieces across the floor. 

This space looks like it is in complete shambles. It's hard to imagine what Suzanne de Kanter Architecture & Interior are going to do to work some magic in this dilapidated space.

Yet, we can see that the home spills out onto a beautiful garden. This creates a wonderful platform for the designers to work with.

Stylish and sophisticated

Can you believe what this dilapidated construction site has become?

The designers have created an open plan home with light wooden floors, white walls and large glass windows and doors. The glass windows and doors allow the family in the home panoramic views of the surrounding beautiful garden as well as allow natural light to flow into the home. 

The designers have gone for a neutral color palette in this space, including soft brown leather sofas and grey rugs. A touch of red brings some life into the space. 

4. The drastic before and after

In this project, we can directly see the incredible work done by Rachele Biancalani Studio. A small home that was run down, with wires and pieces of wood everywhere has been converted into a slick and modern space. 

In the before image, the home doesn't look like it is safe to live in. In the after image, it looks incredible homely and stylish with its wooden floors and white finishes.

Plenty of storage space

If we look at the home a little more closely, we can see how it features a beautiful classic look and feel. There is also no clutter or chaos like we saw in the previous image, thanks to smart storage solutions.

Earlier we spoke about how important a minimalist design is for a small home and part of this is smart storage solutions. Make sure that there are plenty of cupboards, drawers and shelves where items can be stored neatly out of sight. This keeps the home looking neat, tidy and sophisticated. 

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen to see what we mean.

5. 60 sqm transformed

We end off our ideabook with one of the most dramatic transformations that we've seen. 

We will see how R3architetti have taken this ruined space and turned it into something quite remarkable. The walls are completely dilapidated while the furniture is piled up high. The floors look like they are made of sand. 

This space is shocking and could certainly not be lived in, in this state.

The industrial chic space

The designers have gone for a very edgy and unique design in this new and improved home, opting for an industrial look and feel.

They've chosen screed flooring, cement walls and light wooden finishes. Copper lamps hang from the ceiling, illuminating this room.

The neutral color palette is very appealing and modern, with the designers introducing the raw materials into the design. 

Have a look at these tips for making your home roar with raw materials.

The stylish bedroom

The bedroom in this new and improved home is worth noting because of its very arty design. Don't you love the blank frame on the wall? This is very stylish!

The designers have stayed with the neutral color palette, creating a very warm, earthy and homely room that evokes peace and tranquility. 

Tip: Oft for soft bedside lamps to create a beautiful and serene ambiance in your bedroom.

The plan

Here we can see what the designers had in mind with a plan that is different to the ones that we saw earlier. This shows how many different types there are and how there are wonderful opportunities to communicate a plan to home owners.

This plan features color, which illuminates the different areas and dimensions of the home.

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