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Leigh Leigh
Vettori Arquitetura Modern houses
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Today we are going to visit Jundiaí where design professionals Vettori Architects have created a family home that is subtle, understated and incredibly sophisticated.

As we tour the home today, we will see how beautiful and elegant a simple design can be. We will also see how the designers have incorporated little details and savvy features that enhance the entire structure. These are tricks and tips that we can all learn from, enhancing our own homes! 

We will also see how elegant the colour-scheme is as well as the carefully selected pieces of furniture, which all work in harmony with the architecture itself.  

Let's take a look!

The impressive entrance

The entrance to the home is like the business card of the home, which is why you always want it to look slick and savvy. 

For this family home, however, the designers have opted for a more classic, modern and homely look and feel that is warm and inviting to any guest or family member. The curved lines that make up the pathway to the front door are soft and and sweet, merging with a beautiful green and well-manicured front garden

The curved pathway leads up to a large, white front door that works in harmony with grey tones throughout the facade. The front door is sheltered by a curved roof, which is very handy! It means that no matter how adverse the weather is, visitors are protected as they wait at the front door.  

Have a look at these 7 impressive ideas for your entrance for inspiration for your own home.

A charming interior

As we head inside this home, we can see how function and style collide. This is a very trendy living space, while still remaining comfortable, warm and cozy for the family.

The designers have gone for a predominantly white colour palette, but have thrown bright and bold colours and patterns into the mix to add a little bit of vibrancy and energy to the space.  

In this image, we can also see how the living room flows into the dining room thanks to the very effective open plan design. This creates the feeling of space throughout the home, which is further enhanced by the natural light that flows into the interior space thanks to the large glass windows and doors.

A cozy kitchen

The kitchen in this home is the perfect size, with a stylish u-shape design ensuring that it flows into the rest of the home while still remaining subtly separate.

The designers have gone for white tones in this space too, which are topped off with a beige granite. Granite is a wonderful material for any kitchen, adding a bit of elegance and sophistication to room. Granite is also very easy to clean and is durable, making it a very good investment. 

The kitchen opens up onto a little dining area, which is slightly more casual than the dining room that we saw in the previous image. Here the family can come together over more casual meals or cups of coffee. It also means that the chef has compay while he or she cooks up a storm!

A homely bedroom

The bedrooms feature some subtle colours and tones, which bring warmth and ambiance to the spaces.

In this bedroom, the designers have gone for light wooden floors and grey walls, which enhance the olive green bedspreads chosen for the beds. 

These tones work together, evoking comfort and peace. Remember that colours play a very big role in your moods and emotions so you want to choose colours that are going to make you feel serene and calm. Have a look at how colours influence your bedroom.

The trendy bathroom

Bathrooms are often overlooked in home designs but as many  of us know, bathrooms are the most important rooms in the house! It's where we apply our make-up, brush our teeth and get ready for the day or wind down after a long day at work.

This is why your bathroom should also be a little cocoon, where you can escape from the rest of the world. It should be clean, neat, organized and inviting. In this design, we can see how the designers have gone for a very trendy look and feel with grey granite counters working in harmony with white cupboards and bathroom features. 

You'll notice that there are no personal products littering the counter tops, everything is neatly stored away in the cupboards underneath the sink – a great design tip! If you have the space, go for his and her basins too. 

This is much more convenient and means you can both brush your teeth at the same time without fighting for the sink!

A gorgeous terrace

The terrace is one of our favorite spots in the house with its smooth white screed flooring and trendy yet durable brown wicker furniture. This is truly a space where the family can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

What's more is that it allows the home to expand out onto the garden area, creating more spaces for the family to interact and entertain. The large glass sliding doors truly open up these two spaces, allowing them to flow into one another.  

Thanks to the dining area as well as the plush sofa, this is a space that can be enjoyed for a multitude of functions including lunches, dinners, reading a book, afternoon tea, afternoon naps or evening parties. 

If you have the space in your own home, this is a must!

The colourful garden

We end off our tour in one of the most beautiful parts of this home – the fabulous garden. This is a space that has been very clearly planned out with the plants, flowers and trees all contributing to a very eye-catching design.

If you have a garden, be sure to plan its design carefully or invest in a gardener. Your garden should enhance your home's look and feel so you want it to truly look well looked after. Water it as often as necessary and keep the lawn and bushes trimmed. A garden also provides plenty of space for children to play, getting them outside and away from the television screen. This is always very beneficial for a family. 

Have a look at these 7 inspirational small garden designs to see how you could plan your garden!

What do you think of this simply home?

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