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A Modern Monumental Farmhouse With Industrial Elements

Leigh Leigh
Arend Groenewegen Architect BNA Kitchen
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Living in the serene tranquility of the countryside is a dream for many. Consider the views of open fields and green forests. 

This is why today, we are going to explore a charming farmhouse with plenty of space along with modern comforts and a cool touch. This modern, monumental farmhouse features industrial elements, creating a very impressive overall look and feel. 

Designed by architect professionals Arend Groenewegen we will see that this home isn't totally complete yet, but it features a beautiful end result.

Glass front

The farm has everything that you would expect from a historic farmhouse. Built from a lovely old brick design, with a huge thatched roof and the surrounding greenery, this is a very effective look and feel.

What really makes this farmhouse special is the huge glass sheet that runs along the entire front of the house. This brings in that industrial chic look and feel thanks to the black metal frames. The same applies to the windows on the side of the house. This all in all is a feast for the eyes.

Work in progress

Outside we got a glimpse of the unfinished home but from the inside, it becomes clear that this beautiful house is still under construction. We can see that it is just about finished, however and the result will be incredible. 

All of the original features from the old farm have been preserved, including the wooden ceiling beams. These merge flawlessly with the modern additions.

The kitchen

From the first floor, we get a nice look at the modern kitchen and dining area. They have chosen a white sleek and modern kitchen, but have opted for a wooden counter. This fits in very well with the natural and rustic look and feel of the kitchen.

The same applies to the wooden table, which beautifully contrasts with the concrete floor. Also note the beautiful windows that overlook all of the beauty outside.

The landing

On the first floor is a beautiful wooden floor that seems to run through the stairs. From this angle, we also get a glimpse of the more private rooms on the first floor, which rest under the characteristic wooden beams. 

Wooden staircases are always a wonderful feature in a home, merging design with functionality. Don't you love how these wooden stairs are lined with the very cutting-edge and impressive dark railings?

Have a look at these other wooden staircases that wow!

A closer look at the stairway

In this image, we can see that the staircase is the showpiece of the home, connecting the ground floor to the first floor. 

A wooden platform runs along the top floor underneath the large glass windows while the black steel provides a sturdy and robust appearance, seemingly keeping the wooden stairs in balance somehow. All in all the modern staircase fits in perfectly with the monumental house, working in harmony with the sleek kitchen and the other modern elements.

This project shows just how easy it is to transform a farmhouse into a modern dream house! If you like this look and feel, you'll love this updated Indian farmhouse.

What do you think of this merging of modern and traditional?

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