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40 Great Ideas To Plan A Small Kitchen

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With homes and apartments becoming smaller every day, it is increasingly becoming difficult to allocate adequate space for the kitchen. But the kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of any abode, where not only are delicacies prepared, but cosy conversations are entertained too. So to make the most of a small kitchen, you will need to get a little creative and innovative. Some smart but simple ideas can aid you in utilising your compact kitchen’s full potential and make it seem stylish and spacious as well. Space saving storage solutions, light colours, sleek designs and tasteful lighting can enhance the beauty of the simplest cooking havens. Even dark colours on the walls can look beautiful id sufficient lighting is used to open up the kitchen space visually. In-built shelves, mirrors, modern appliances, a dollop of some vibrant hue can make a world of difference to your kitchen. So check out these 40 brilliant tips and make your small kitchen the highlight of your interiors.

1. Clever corner drawers

Harbourside kitchen Tim Jasper Kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

2. White finishing for spaciousness

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn Baltic Design Shop Kitchen Grey
Baltic Design Shop

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn

Baltic Design Shop

3. Modern glass shelves

4. Cabinets all around

6. Suspended microwave offers more workspace

7. Integrate spaces for a practical solution

8. Proper lighting and smart organisation

10. Recessed lighting under cabinets

11. Timeless black and white combination

12. Built-in ovens to save space

13. Unusual colours for a fun ambiance

14. Stylish, modern yet simple

16. Attractively organised and graceful

17. A simple yet trendy kitchen

18. Fun cabinets in different sizes and colours

19. Super compact kitchen in a closet!

20. Extendable chopping boards

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

21. Cheerful colours in a modern kitchen

22. Wood and white for a unique and serene setting

23. Minimalistic and smooth

Devies Cook Company Txell Alarcon KitchenLighting
Txell Alarcon

Devies Cook Company

Txell Alarcon

24. Kitchen that mirrors your personality

26. Efficient organisation and bright hues

27. Multifunctional countertop and bottle niches

28. Built-in niches for appliances

29. Elegantly bounded by countertop

31. Neat and modern designs for classic setting

32. Natural materials and neutral colours for rustic kitchen

33. Direct lights and mosaic backsplash

34. Accentuate depth in long kitchens

35. Different flooring separates the kitchen from living

37. Cabinets with curtains for homely atmosphere

38. Transparent counter base for a roomy feel

39. Rustic ambiance and DIY furniture

40. Brilliant lighting and patterned tiles

For more ideas, see another story - 12 Budget Friendly Ideas For A Fabulous Kitchen.

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