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Podere Molino dei Ciliegi, Stefano Zaghini Architetto Stefano Zaghini Architetto Country style corridor, hallway& stairs
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Located in the rural area of Perugia in Italy, a home in ruins was the starting point for architect Stefano Zaghini. These ruins were part of the archaeology site and the architects had to take special care with the restoration project. In order to fully understand the value and the time it took to restore this building, we should note that the rehabilitation project is one in which the purpose was to reintroduce splendor and soul into this home once again. The result is a contemporary residence which pays tribute to its rustic beginnings. 

Join us on the journey through this spectacular home!

Modern and rustic contrasts

In this image we can see that the past and present are in constant dialogue. The stone walls gives the idea of strength which is influenced by the countryside architecture of the area. The iron windows that goes from floor to ceiling, recognize in their sheer proportions, a spectacular modern style. 

A transitioning hallway

The corridor between the old and the new is like an imaginary line that separates the old world from the new. However, the harmony between the spaces is clearly felt. Light enters everywhere; from the glass doors which are framed in wood as well as via the skylight on the ceiling which is supported by rustic beams. The separation between the two worlds is a delicate one and we can readily see how complementary the two parts work alongside one another in this transitioning hallway


From this angle we can see that the two parts are indeed complementary to each other and that so much has been achieved with the restoration project to bring this home to its original glory. The windows and wooden frames, as well as the clear glass is surmounted by a special lintel made of solid wood which serves the beam and contains the stone. 

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Sacred waters

The pool is a poetic element of this composition. Its width does not exceed the house, respecting its proportions. It was made by evoking the ancient river passing through the area. Its design is intended to evoke the ancient pools of water on the farm which were used to irrigate and keep the garden abundant. Light shades of stone contrast with the blue background and are magnified by the water.

Warmth of the country

The interior is neat and with a lighter shade predominating the floors, walls and ceilings – it feels natural and welcoming. The furnishings are highlighted in this image and a simple country style has been adopted for the interior space. In one corner, a fireplace adorns a particular cylindrical space which makes it stand out as the centerpiece of this room. 

A kitchen to admire

The kitchen is semi integrated into the living room. A great light enters the space thanks to a generous window forming a picture that looks out onto the grounds of the house. A beautiful view to behold when washing the dishes. The noble materials such as wood, stainless steel and a beautiful white counter top are what define this environment.


The room is cozy and private and the mood is accomplished by the use of earthy colors mixed with wood and gentle lighting. We can see the great stone wall which makes up the structure of the house in the background which makes this room especially unique. The wooden windows and door allow a great amount of light to enter the space.  

A spa at home

A space for pampering; a small spa dedicated to the care of body and mind. We all dream of a space like this in our house. The combination of stone and the colored wood  give a fresh touch to this room, which is ideal for rest and recuperation. 

A glamorous bathroom

Elegance reigns in this house and is felt in every corner. In this bathroom, each element has been designed to be comfortable and beautiful. The lighting comes from the ceiling and the small square windows awash the sink and bath with a gentle light. 

Everything in this house has been designed to demonstrate a nostalgic yearning for those old houses of the Italian countryside where families gathered to eat together at a large table in the middle of the garden. All this, of course, without losing the glamour and of the contemporary elements which have been introduced with the restoration work. 

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