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6 Adorable Prefab Houses

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One Bedroom Wee House The Wee House Company
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Prefabricated houses are homes where almost 80 per cent of the components that make up the structure are produced in a factory, transported to the construction site and placed there. Unlike traditional house construction, prefab houses take much less time to build and you can avoid the hassles of a messy construction site. The building process itself takes only a few days, while the production of the individual elements can last three months. These days prefabricated houses are made of high quality materials, which are subjected to strict controls, to guarantee their durability and resistance. If you are not convinced that a prefab home is for you, these six examples might make you change your mind.

- Based on a translation from homify Poland.

1. Traditional

One Bedroom Wee House Exterior The Wee House Company
The Wee House Company

One Bedroom Wee House Exterior

The Wee House Company

This 400 square foot cottage oozes tradition and charm. It is made of wood, and painted a distinctive blue tint. White doors and windows blend wonderfully with the blue base, giving the home its quaint character. This house includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom large enough for a double bed. Prefer a home that's larger? Check out this Modern Home Camouflaged As A Rural Cottage.

1. Contemporary design

The house is made of elements, which are light and easy to transport. This is one of the most important features of prefabricated houses – not only can you quickly assemble the elements, they are just as easy to dismantle and cart away. This house features a contemporary design, a generous use of wood in different colours and texture, as well as compact size. Although small in terms of size, it boasts a living room, kitchen, bathroom and  small bedroom .

3. Wood

This modern wood cabin is 250 square feet and works well as a summer home or granny flat. Construction of the whole structure takes about a week. The house was covered with alpine larch and pine wood, and the interior is lined with sheets of plasterboard. 

4. A Full-Sized Home

Prefabricated houses do not necessarily have to be compact.  These days, there are companies that produce houses of suburban stature, that are large and spacious. A perfect example is this house, made of wood and glass segments. This simply designed house fits perfectly into the surrounding green landscape. Large windows open it to the environment and allow natural light to fall freely inside.

5. A Container

Shipping containers are a special kind of prefabricated house. They are relatively cheap and fitting them out with all the amenities of a real house is easy and quick. In this case, the container, is clad in with wood, giving it a more stylish character.

6. Minimalist

This stylish 750 square foot house is a bit boxy but extremely functional. It is covered with bright panels and stone. Inside, there is room for a spacious living room, kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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