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​15 Ideas To Create An Enchanting Entrance To Your Home

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One of the key aspects of a house is undoubtedly its front door. A front door can serve as a reflection of the owner’s personality and also gives a clue to the décor inside. Eager to make a statement in your neighbourhood? Here are 15 gorgeous ideas to convert your front door into a work of art!

1. Imposing entrance

The height of this wooden door makes for a grand entry, especially when teamed with the matching concrete blocks on all sides.

2. Wooden glory

You can’t go wrong with a classy wooden door! Long panels of wood teamed with a large window and a rough stone wall combine for a striking impact.

​3. Elegant glass

The white-framed glass door boasts an elegant simplicity that combines with the many elements of the façade to form a truly unique house.

​4. Creating height

The simple but stylish wooden door is set below a similar section of wall, creating the enthralling illusion of an unusually high door.

5. Stylish steel

The slatted black metal door and roof are very trendy and sturdy as well. A perfect blend of security and style!

6. Simple comfort

The warm wooden door surrounded by light hues and a splash of greenery makes a welcoming, friendly ambience.

7. Latticed effect

The light filtering through these latticework gates give a wonderfully artistic look to this elegant home while providing security as well.

8. ​Fashionably frosted

This frosted glass entrance with its big marble frame is a marvellous way to embellish the plain white façade of the house while maintaining privacy.

9. ​Metallic splendour

Set within a stone wall that matches the long path, this metal door looks sleek and bright!  The greenery makes a beautiful contrast.

10. ​Rustic style

Here we see how perfectly a natural wood door harmonizes with a rustic setting.

11. ​Bringing in the outdoors

The glass door integrates the interior with the outdoors while heightening the illusion of space. The red accent wall adds a vibrant note.

12. ​Dramatic colour

Add personality to your home with a brightly coloured door! This red door contrasts vividly with the sober façade yet complements the wooden beams.

13. ​Sleek effect

This black metal and glass door is a sophisticated beauty. The red flowers by the door add a dramatic touch.

14. ​Height matters

This beautiful wooden door is an accent feature in the imposing white façade, providing a natural look that fits beautifully with the trees and garden.

15. ​Small and wondrous

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This brown wooden door with its frosted glass panel is an unexpected and adorable feature in the elegant stone façade. Set in an expanse of grey, it gives a floating effect.

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